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  1. Dear Waymore Will try what do you need pictures of? Heck
  2. Dear Ethan Is a bottom pour and $25 plus shipping Has a small furnace about the size of a coffee cup 5 pounds i think Heck
  3. I have some things left over and a couple of new things== All are plus shipping== No, 1 = medium tumbler $25 No, 2= Little smaller tumbler $20 No. 3= Belt and holsters 42'' center hole very well made holsters are lined and a dark brown in color, Right hand cross draw and in great shape . E mail for pictures $200. No. 4= Lee lead furnace "infinite heat control" Is small in size about a large coffee cup $25 No. 5= WW ll 1911 flap holster in ok shape not all dried out . Has a US in a circle on the flap $20. No. 6= What I think is a comepleat set of silhouette targets look to be home made and not shot full of holes . $100. All this came from a friend who has passed and getting rid of his things for his widow . Thought I was done but she keeps bringing things over. No good dead goes unpunished . The silhouette targets are too many and heave to ship ,local pick up in so Cal. Please E-mail me as my box is full and can't seem to empty it' heckknow@msn.com Thank You Heck
  4. Dear Capt Have not seen any check or M.O. Heck
  5. X Mark Did you get the E-mail? Heck
  6. Dear Capt Been at the P.O Shipping will be $50. Just can not get it any cheaper . I will take care of anything over this amount. $50=Shipping $200.=Gun belt and two holsters $40.= Two tumblers Total$290 Thank You so much This is the last I hope of the widow lady's late husbands things. This was going to be my good dead and has turned into a lot more work than I thought, Heck Please send check or M.O. to= Robert Edmiston P.O. 720 352 Pinon Hills Calif 92372
  7. Dear Sam Thank goodness all is gone. The widow Lady has not stoped bringing me stuff. But no more brass. Heck
  8. Dear John Barleycorn Thank you. Please send check or M.O. to Robert Edmiston P.O. box 720 352 Pinon Hills Calif 92372 I think it will need to go in a large flat rate box ,$21.10 Do you need and AA or boxes =free Heck
  9. Folks this is the last of the stuff my wife's friends late husband had . This good dead has gotten a little out of hand. Who would have thought it would have turned out to be months long and so much work. All items are plus shipping. No.1= 1911 government flap holster, in fair shape ,not rotten ,has US in a circle on the flap. The back has the belt loop and the metal device to go on a ww2 web belt. $ 20. No.2=6 Gray Ruger Vaquero boxes 2 SPF 4 left $10. each No.3= New still in the box a Lee 12 ga load all. SPF $20. No.4= New still in the box a Lee Reloader, no dies just the single stage press. SPF $20. No.5= Med size tumbler looks to be about a pound Two of these. One SPF SPF $20. each. No.6=Smaller size tumbler . SPF $20, No.7= Gun belt 42'' center hole great shape ,holster lined . for OMV .38.belt loops. But are adjustable to larger size. SPF Dark brown Right hand cross draw. Made by local leather smith . $200. Thank You Contract me by=heckknow@msn.com my message is full and can't seam to clear it. Heck
  10. Dear Fire Ball Please e mail me heckknow@msn.com Heck
  11. Dear Pit Bull Tex I have 75 pounds of new no 6 shot in the bags $ 25 a bag and Coffey cans of no 71/2 and 6 and 8 shot all is new, $ 1 a pound for these. + shipping Heck
  12. Dear Opal 669 Have your box of 2000 nickle 38's ready to ship. Have not seen a check or M.O. Robert Edmiston P.O. 720 352 Pinon Hills Calif 92372
  13. Dear Wild The 38 nickle==7850 1 box 3000 =$21.10 = $90=$111.10 1 box 2000= $ 15.05 = $$60==$75.05 1 box 2850= $21.10 = $ 85.50= $106,60 Total $292.75 The count for the brass 38's in a few days Heck Please send check or M.O. to= Robert Edmiston P.O. 720 352 Pinon Hills Calif 92372
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