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  1. Thanks Mike, Leslie and Rex, these are too expensive for me. Just want a shootable used gun, about $200, doesn't even need a stock. Thanks. BUGGY O'
  2. Looking for non sass two good used ruger 10x22's. condition of stocks not important. Thanks. BUGGY'O SASS#48243
  3. These were sold by Howell several years age. It replaces the rammer and holds the cylinder in place. Really slick item. Need one for another 1858 Remington conversion. Any help appreciated. Used one o.k. also. Thanks BUGGY O'
  4. Would like to get ahold of Happy Trails. Need to pick his brain about what kind of brass to use instead of M&H .44 brass? Thanks. BUGGY O'BenSHOOTER SASS#48243
  5. Would like to know who might makes or sell the obsolete .44MH cartridge? Or the dimentions of the cartridge? Any advise would be helpful. BUGGY O' SASS#48243
  6. I would like to reload some .44 M&H cartridges. Is there anyone who knows what cartridge case to use? Where to find any information on the subject. Thanks Gary Benschoter BUGGY O' SASS# 48243 gbenschoter@sbglobbal.net
  7. Hey Doc, I will take the two pieces of black buffalo horn, thank you. BUGGY O' SASS#48243 Gary Benschoter 2261 Freedom Blvd. Watsonville, Ca. 95076 8317229808
  8. Need barrel for 1851 or 1860 colt copy in 44cal.The barrel I have is too short, can't set it back any more. Or a parts gun. thanks. BUGGY'O SASS#48243
  9. Hey Stinky, Don't know if you may be interested but, I have an Adaptive Tactical Sidewinder VENOM magazine fed 12 g. shotgun system, 10 round circular mag., as new, 10 rounds through it. Quite something.Paid the same for it as you are asking for the IAB 45x70. Go on adaptivetactical.com for a look. Thanks. BUGGY O'
  10. what happened to my add of 12/12/15

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