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  1. I have been using this for a while and it works fantastic---and I have no financial interest in this product. Just want to share the news QuikLoader By Roger Siminoff (SASS alias "Roger Rapid") QuikLoader Kit Parts QuikLoader Installed on MEC QuikLoader puts a 3° SASS-legal taper in the leading 1/2″ of your 12‑gauge shotshells to facilitate the feeding of shotshells into your shotgun and cut seconds off your score. No more fumbling! QuikLoader not only improves feeding in break‑action, Side‑by‑Side and Over/Under shotguns, it also improves feeding on Winchester Model '97 pump‑action and Model '87 lever‑action shotguns, too! ♦ Fits on MEC Jr or MEC Sizemaster ♦ Replaces the First Crimping Die ♦ Change-out is a Snap & Does Not ♦ Upset any of the MEC's Settings ♦ Available for 12GA Only
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