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  1. His Name is mentioned in a previous post- John Dwayne. It was that from the beginning so lets not go all Revisionist History and come up with something else.
  2. Sorry this is recent production but it appears nice and tight with a smooth action decent wood to metal fit and essentially it's had one round through it
  3. I want to post a sale on a Marlin 1895 Cowboy 45-70 JM Mfg NIB 26" in bbl, and have 200 rounds of factory Ammo (lead) to go with it. Need guidance. What is something like that worth?
  4. I have 3 DA 78's -4 3/4 .45(some finish good bore), 5 1/2 .45(same)  and a 7 1/2 38/40,(no real finish but a decent shootable bore) a 1909 Colt DA(pretty decent shape) and a 1877  DA(good)   in .38 Colt. All guns are functional - Not sure of value of any of them.  let me know what your thoughts are

    1. Preacher Kid

      Preacher Kid

      I really appreciate your offer. Im looking for DA in the sense of cobras, pythons, detective specials and what not. I would like a photo of the 1909 though. 

  5. Very interested in those Rugers. Are you in need of anything -tradewise? Or just the cash?

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    2. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Just checking to see if you still had any interest in the ROAs.



    3. Cole Younger Requlator

      Cole Younger Requlator

      Still waiting to see if I owe $'s to the IRS--they were supposed to tell me on Fri-- Sorry- I do not want to hang you up-- if you have a sale - take it

    4. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      I dont at this time. For shits and grins what do you have for trade? You had asked about that earlier.

  6. For what its worth- as a former member of the ROC-and I have kept my notes (where they are is another question) I remember the vote. And it was canned.
  7. Pending looking at the photos- I will take this.

    Give me your gun dealers website or fax # and I'll have my guy get his FFL off


  8. Hi Doc, whats the serial number?

    I'm VERY interested

  9. Hey- thanks for the reply.

    Your rifle is a super deal but I think I want a pistol grip to match my other one.

  10. Howdy Cole Younger,

    I would need a certified check from you and a copy of your dealer's FFL.

    I would have to send it to your FFL, unless you live in Wisconsin. Thats the law as I know since I live in Wisconsin. When transferring between States I have to ship to a FFL.

    The rifle is very nice.

    Selling for funds available.


    Gary Reith

    (Deputy King)

  11. Interested in your rifle-would this be shipped thru a FFL?

    Why are you selling??

  12. Hey-what guns are you selling??

    Did you ever connect with Springfield Slim?

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