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  1. When I was still in business I did see/handle exactly ONE original CF 1866. I have seen exactly one original converted to CF. The last production run at Winchester, of 1866 rifles were Central Fire guns and none were sold domestically. Those guns were all exported. Only a handful have been repatriated. A fine Suitable Substitute (stolen famous line from Sears Roebuck) is a Uberti replicant, chambered .44 Special, with a Smith Shop Carrier and running 44 Russian cases. No antique to ruin and super fun to play with.
  2. The problem with Ruger, undersized cylinder throats. Moat Rugers (regardless of caliber) suffer undersized throats. Other manufacturers .45 ACP cylinders run Cowboy 45 Special superbly. As has been mentioned, C45S cases run just fine in any .45 Chamber.
  3. Absolutely Deacon. And remember how much more convenient it will be when your Gun Belt and Pants Belt drop to the floor . . . . at the same time
  4. Those wads will go thru your SKB like wet grain thru a goose. I've been shooting ALL BRASS 12Ga hulls for a LONG time now with no problems and NONE of the other shooters I have contact with, who shoot ALL brass have any trouble with the recommended wads. GO FOR IT!!
  5. Glad to see you're right on top of those "Alternative Facts" Pat.
  6. Yep. All them righteous civilized Republicans go out of town and out of state to have their Riots.
  7. Unfortunately, you already have it. The Chaparral are/were crap. If yours works, consider yourself hugely lucky. The guns were made in the same plant that spawned Armi San Marco. Quality Control was nonexistent. There are no Parts. Often, just making one run cost more than the original purchase price. Chaparral folded rather quickly.
  8. Use 2f interchangeably with 3f. Although, 2f has somewhat more inconsistent granule size and will give you fits thru a DILLON powder measure, as it will bridge. For pistol cartridges I scoop APP 2f. Works a treat. I also run 2f in Magtech 12Ga. It will be a tad lighter recoiling but will run fine. As with any APP, don't compress it.
  9. YES!! I do know. NO. They won't. Stallion T/B springs are their own weird size.
  10. Miroku Doubles are FINE shotguns fro the start. Miroku would also be a terrific CAS gun. I wouldn't hesitate.
  11. TOOLs?? REALLY?? Your kidding. My car doesn't have anything that looks like anything I have EVER worked on. It also doesn't have Jack nor Spare Tire. It has "Run Flat Tires." Only "tools" to carry are a Cell Phone and a Credit Card.
  12. Since I am currently on Mouse Safari and am not staying in Motel 6, and don't have a Smooth Bore (shotgun excepted), and have never had a smooth bore (shotgun excepted), and never plan on having a smooth bore, I DON'T HAVE A CLUE.
  13. Yes in fact there is. Your information is somewhat oversimplified however. What ever "primer" you use must "back into" something and then be reseated. Or it will fall out and jam the action. A fellow SASS shooter in the UK, Alias "Palidin UK" built a special cylinder the utilized standard primers. Haven't heard from him in years though.
  14. As a suggestion. Ruger is famous or Infamous for undersize cylinder throats. I would suggest you should check the cylinder throats and have them reamed to correct diameter. Soonest. Running APP should be no problem at all. You SHOULD be shooting 3f.
  15. PLUS ONE for Alpo. Also, in this day and age, most folks just call them "Snubbies." And, in specific answer to your question, Why YES I HAVE. Several. Or . . . Many. Also NO, there aren't any safety issues (don't point it at your foot). Snubbies be FUNNER!!
  16. Griff Tried to send you a PM. Says you can't receive. Is yer inbox stuffed full?? System also says yer listed e-mail addy is KAPUT. You sure your still alive??
  17. PLUS ONE for McCandless. Since it was built as a "one-off," finding an actual "mate" will be very difficult. You may well get quite close with a Pietta 1851 and a Kirst Konverter. If desired, also may be able to add an Ejector.
  18. At one time, I had Five 1860 Henry rifles. I'm now down to "just" Three. My absolute all time favorite lever rifle, Bar None. My Henry rifles are also my G0-TO CAS rifles. '66s and '73s are just kinda . . . ho hum. Henry's are just plain KOOL!!!
  19. M. Gregg, 9mm is nominally .355. To shoot well in a 355 bore, you'd want your bullets cast/sized a thou over, or 356. Nominal diameter for 38/357 is .357 (Who'd thunk). To shoot well, you'd want bullets cast/sized 358. Ruger, in their infinite wisdom is want to bore the Cylinder Throats as small as .354 or .353. While that results in slightly higher felt recoil, and slightly wonky accuracy, they work sorta OK. The Ruger does work better once the throats are corrected. Where was I?? Oh, I remember, A .356 bullet in a .357 bore may give you a little leading. It won't be "bul
  20. Let us not forget the thicker web in the cartridge base. reducing the internal case capacity. For a "What-If" thing, I'm glad H.K. realizes it's not at all "practical." I seem to remember, a conversion Gunsmith, Alias Hoof Hearted, built the first Brimstone Conversion?? Couple of folks since have jumped in to further the project. It does create a really fine "Howitzer" grade Walker.
  21. PLUS ONE for ALL the folks suggesting you actually find Schofield loading data. Just because the loading data found isn't to your liking, doesn't mean it's wrong.
  22. Putting an 1873 loading gate on a '66 is . . . . silly. Serves no good end. It is much simpler to simply reinforce the silly tab on the '66 Gate and be done.
  23. There is a spring loaded rod thru the hammer, from the safety notch?? That rod rocks that flat piece up to hold the hammer/firing pin out of battery. It appears to be "stuck" in the "safe" position. It should only rock "up" when the hammer is lowered to the "safety" notch. In other iterations, the flat bar is a different shape and there is receptacle machined in the frame. Maybe. Best I can do without having it in my hands.
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