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  1. You're supposed to follow with a song title not a group. This has happened a few times already. No one wants to follow the original layout!
  2. I carry cash on me I never leave it in my car. $40-$50 approximately.
  3. I’m going to a small TV store today. They’ve been there forever. They specialize in setting up your new TV. You pay a little more than a big box store but the service is priceless!
  4. I asked Siri what she was wearing, she said “ I don’t have a body”
  5. Yep didn’t seem to bother or hinder Obama! His daughters seem to be doing okay too. Talk about biracial!
  6. That’s what I hear which is why I’m gonna have to step up my game here! Thanks for the info. I’m checking in to getting a new TV this week.
  7. Awesome!! Congratulations to you and your bride!
  8. I tell everyone I’m wired!
  9. Am I the only one that doesn’t have it? I'm getting a new TV soon and I will get it I guess…….
  10. Good advice for all the Cattle Barons in Ohio too!!!
  11. Why not just shoot the shells you plan on taking apart?
  12. Guess who Jane was……..Maureen O’Sullivan
  13. I brought my sons to the first one in 77. They both saw the second one later as did I. That did it for me and them . We were all done with Star Wars!
  14. He’s always been entertaining. He’s a clever dude. I like him. This one’s great!!
  15. How did SISTER get in the chain. I posted He ain’t heavy he’s my BROTHER and then next was SISTER! I’m confused…….
  16. I have about half a dozen in my wallet but a bunch in my tool box in my car.
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