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  1. We're setting up this WEDNESDAY at 11:00 am, anyone want to pitch in you're more than welcome!
  2. Most of us older shooters, which is the majority, have already bought the clothes, leather, boots, hats etc. These stores can't make any money without customers.
  3. That’s very good advice, a Zen thing is live in the moment! That’s kinda what you’re saying!
  4. 8:30 registration, safety meeting at 9:45 shoot at 10:00 Water will be available. Sorry no food bring some grub fer yerself! We allow .22's, and Wild Bunch (both scored separately) 6 stages and lots of fun!! Rye
  5. My son bought one, used it once and was not impressed. He gave it to his neighbor. He offered it to me but I said "No thanks".
  6. I always pretend I’m in a real gunfight, you would never stop shooting if you missed in that situation. Luckily I never have been in a real gunfight!
  7. Wow, now I have to look for it. I had no idea Stouffer's made that! Thanks, might be dinner tonight!
  8. I’ve shot one in . 357 It handled .357’s pretty well. .38’s we’re better. It shot very well!
  9. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/content/it-s-90-percent-mental/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=sfmc&utm_campaign=2258_voice_of_freedom&utm_content=issue_39_may_2022
  10. What an intelligent and articulate lady! Too bad the left and the media ignores her!
  11. Me too, Jan-March was brutal here! Bring on the 90’s
  12. No Trump took over the blame for everything!!
  13. I would take cover and call 911, if the bad guy came at me I would definitely shoot and deal with the consequences later. When the cops came and the threat was diminished I would have my hands HIGH up in the air!
  14. I’d sell it but thank the person that bought it for me.
  15. It’s never entered my mind to order something that’s not on the menu! That’s just me though! if I was the waiter I’d say , I’ll ask the boss.
  16. I remember my doctor coming to our house when I was a kid to treat my mumps !!
  17. People just don’t realize how strong these apes are!
  18. I'm thinking about it...NOT the skinny dipping....the SHOOTING!!
  19. True but the leftists anti gunners use their statistics to get the opposite story! That's why I posted this. I think it shows that not all shooters are 18 and under which the left leads you to believe so they can raise the age to 21 to buy a rifle using their statistics!
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