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  1. Thanks, TB...!

    Shux, even I'd wanna stay at a BassPro B 'n' B - especially that one~!!

  2. Could be a Bass Pro Shop bed 'n' breakfast

    ya made me laugh, thanks,


  3. Hi Tom, sorry you were not able to make EOT. I have seen Badlands Bud shoot (worked a side match with him in 2010) and worked the speed shotgun match with Duce Stevens this year. All I can say is wow. Of course I still have to compete with JT Wild and Long Hunter (I'am a 49'er) and they both live in this region. Maybe you can make it to EOT next year. It sure was run. Grubstake

  4. Hey Charlie,

    I shoot regularly w. Lead Dispenser and Badlands Bud. You can't miss seeing these guys shoot (or maybe you are very familiar w. them, don't know). And then there's Deuce Stevens, whom I have never seen in person, but those videos... Anyhow wish I could be there w. you guys; but gotta work.

    Really appreciate the update.


  5. I can make you a lace on lever cover of veg tan leather with a filler of some elk hide for a little padding. Shipped to you for $10.00

    http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2978406400053839954lcGwVZ the one pictured has an aoptional insertable fringe


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