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  1. I try to do the basic research before I pose questions here. I’m looking for a DA revolver with a hammer shroud to make it a pocket gun for carry. I’m torn between a SnW Model 638, Taurus m651 or 805, or trying to get RIA m206 and looking for any kind of after market hammer shrouds because it’s s cheaper gun. I know the RIA is modeled after a Colt Detective, but the I’m With Roscoe group is out of their specialty shrouds. I also can’t find any other hammer shroud products or producers other than a LE products blog that doesn’t make anything I could use. Shou
  2. A compromise? The Yugo Zastava M70 in .32 ACP. Entirely single-action. Almost no recoil from what I can tell. Smooth trigger with just a tiny bit of play. I got it for about 270. I’ve since replaced the import marker ‘target sight’ for a real dovetail again from the gunsmith. It got me through my CCW qualification.
  3. I’m curious about that “suspender holster”. Searching the term only brings up shoulder holsters.
  4. Here I was thinking I was going to use it on the big desk at work while I babysit my residents all night. I guess maybe I shouldn’t take the chance of a primer going off while everyone is asleep?
  5. Thank you Cypress Sun. A proper set up and a lever gun are next on the list. I’m just hoping to get some range time out of this kit until then honestly.
  6. I’ll also apologize for the plethora of questions I keep having on this topic. I didn’t have anyone to really mentor me on firearms growing up except my for stepdad taking me deer and rabbit hunting in high school.
  7. I know that I should actually get a real bench set up, but this is what I have in my budget right now. Lee cautions not to use ammo crafted with this kit in levers, etc, just revolvers. Does anyone have any experience with this kit and trying to cycle a lever action with what’s produced from it? Of course sizing is going to be a bit inconsistent with this set up for a lever gun. I’m just wondering it is a sometimes problem or an ‘always’ problem.
  8. I thought this might be about a vegetarian for personal reasons that hunts and donated the meats to food pantries.
  9. To be fair, it was available and I could afford the deal. But yes, .45 Colt.
  10. I picked up a jar of Hodgdon’s Clays and a wet-dry tumbler today. I honestly can’t find load data for a 255 grain SWC on the Hodgdon’s website. I left them a message and awaiting a call back. Any input?
  11. Aren’t we a sport all about big bore?!
  12. This is the town I work in. There’s a reason I decided to get my ccw license for my nightly commute.
  13. It’s funny how they keep breeding in those dark spaces and even the display racks. I guess us responsible owners aren’t neutering and spaying the guns like we should.
  14. The local buzz has always been that they picked Portage County for the Arsenal due to the historic cloud coverage.
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