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  1. The transfer bar lever sheared off this afternoon at the range in my Traditions Heritage series Pietta. I bought it used last year from the LGS. While I did just email Tradtions, how does this sort of thing usually play out with them?
  2. They’re only precise when shooting a parked sand crawler at broadside.
  3. There’s an old fashioned family-owned hardware store near here that also has a separate gun section in the back. They even accept layaway at a third of the value in payments!
  4. These are like the tales old sailors scare us youngins with. Watch me never take anything apart!
  5. I’m very much liking this holster. I’m just looking for an appropriate belt now.
  6. It holds very firm and holds shape.
  7. I just asked him what model to select for my gun. I didn’t even think to ask. This was out of the single action options.
  8. Just my new Azula leather for rural carry. The gun is just my Traditions Heritage series in .45 Colt with the transfer bar.
  9. Plenty of good looking guns in an episode of Burn Notice.
  10. That’s actually the plan. Let it develop its own personality!
  11. That’s my hat with myself in the photos. I was intending to just let the hat develop some ‘character’ over time from shooting and camping.
  12. https://m.facebook.com/elderoriginals/ https://www.elderoriginals.com
  13. 100% beaver for 350 as part of the guy’s Covid deals. He made this himself. He actually wants to join SASS locally. If there’s any interest from anyone, I’ll share the link for his website.
  14. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt09770150/ Nomad Land to be exact. My apologies. It’s available on Hulu.
  15. Only two movies that came out this year with a dang and award worthy: Nomad and News of the World.
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