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  1. It's more of a matter of when and finances. I just discovered this sport not that many months back, and while I'm slowly acquiring the firearms necessary (still have a lever gun and a shot gun to go), I'm only working part-time while I'm going back to school to finish my degree. I'll be coming into some more money in a month or so to finish my purchases and get my SASS membership.
  2. Time for another useless topic from Whiskey! Anyways this is more of a question looking to generate discussion on a topic that is kind of a curiosity to me and let's me learn more about all the folks in SASS. Your alias, does a persona come with it or is it just you meeting a requirement to shoot? Perhaps the immature part of this 36 year-old is tickled by the idea of being able to put on clothes of the West or the Frontier and fire old or old-style guns. So if you do run a persona with your alias, what history, movies, legends, actors or figures inspired you?
  3. I actually really like these for some reason...
  4. I have this courageous and loyal pal sleeping in my front living room near the door.
  5. So I purchased a second Navy Yank in .44, getting both tuned up at Log Cabin Gun Shop locally about a half hour away. I went online today to order a second set of Slix Shot nipples to ship by the time both navies were ready. Unfortunately Slix Springs are out of the Pietta nipples right now. They seem really low on the offerings for other models too. Is there any particular reason? More importantly, if it takes them some time to restock, are there any other aftermarket nipples (yes I know, cones) you guys would suggest that could be comparable?
  6. I keep my grandfather’s old Citizen wristwatch from Japan. Mom said that watches would just stop working on him after a year, all the time. I’ve had the original band on it repaired about once every two years. Prolly should just get it a new band. I did buy a twelve dollar “Mudder” pocket watch in bronze to wear for CAS on my tweed waistcoat though. Only been able to make it to my first match so far, but I consider essential to my budding cowboy career!
  7. Like a good mustard based potato salad with some cayenne.
  8. Wonder if I can find it in my university system for inter-library.
  9. Dern it, my gf says I need to pay for my hobby all by myself. I suppose I should start a WTT post.
  10. This is really neat. Adding to my reading list if I can.
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