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  1. Turkish coffee from some Saudi roommates I once had. I was hearing colors after a few cups.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Two-Evil-Isms-Pinkertonism-Anarchism-ebook/dp/B07BCLPY7J
  3. It’s actually on the Wikipedia list of movies made at Old Tucson!
  4. You guys huginkiss your sisters? Normally I respect all cultures but...
  5. Do any of you pay much attention to the look of more historic looking hats or maybe the styles or regional inspirations for the pinches, brims and crowns? I don’t know what major difference a wrangler, gunslinger, or outlaw would want in a hat from the NW like Wyoming to to the more middle plains states. I can kind of guess the Southwest tends to favor low cut bolero styles for the lighter weight? I’m just rambling, but I noticed as I’m growing my hair out, my cheap gambler hat doesn’t fit very well anymore.
  6. This was going to be one of my stops when I was eventually going to take that trip West in a few years to hit matches on the road. I'm really saddened by this. I have to feel even worse for those that it was part of their community.
  7. I wasn’t sure what I would do about that if I looked at a Spencer. I’m coming into a large chunk of change in the next two months and on the fence about a ‘66, ‘73 or Spencer.
  8. I’m already scared of taking too long once I get both cap guns to the next match.
  9. Seamus you will of course have that honor, after which I’ll bring copious shop rags for your drool.
  10. Dropping mine off on Monday to the Board of Elections.
  11. To say it’s a widespread and rampant phenomenon would require evidence. If ‘only what’s been reported’ is the only evidence we have, making further inference would be unsound. I make no statements of certainty, but I’m with Carl Sagan on “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”
  12. Which version? Willy as Doc Holiday is a hard sell.
  13. If a cowboy came into your local with two cap guns, a Spencer carbine, and a hammered SxS, is your first reaction “Oh Lordy, bust out the sundial?”
  14. As voter fraud historically has happened at a less than 1% rate, it’s not a terrible concern of mine. Where fraud has historically made an impact has always been in local elections.
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