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  1. If you want some real philosophical navel gazing on this topic, check out the thought experiment called Mary’s Room.
  2. I mean, I thought that city has been preparing for this kind of stuff since 9-11.
  3. I’m only 38 and can still remember being quite proficient with a rotary telephone as a child.
  4. I got a calf skin suede Longmire style coat from Pakistan that came with no winter insulation. They do some good work in some of those shops over there, I agree. I just wish I could find someone that could do a zip-out winter liner.
  5. Not to mention the poor animals through no fault of their own end up having to be put down due to the actions of these fools.
  6. I can’t say I’ve got some stupendous offering to share, but I’m liking this little thing.
  7. It harkens back to a lot of old folklore of uncivilized “troglodytes” on the frontier, be they indigenous or some scary Bigfeets. On the movie itself, mileage may vary, but as someone into old folklore it was at least a neat idea to see someone explore at least once. And if you want to know something of what I mean, read about the Bauman incident in the chapter In the Cowboyland of Teddy Roosevelt’s The Wilderness Hunter.
  8. Likely have the shed and house foundations damaged as the burrow is right under the shed and only a foot from the house. I also don’t want the German Shepherd bit because he loves to chase.
  9. So I’ve beaten off any arguments from the better half. We’ve got a groundhog burrowed under the shed right next to the house. We’re in town so I picked up a live trap from Harbor Freight and a box of .22 shorts to use in a Heritage Barkeep. 1) What do I bait it with? 2) What’s the best disposal method without getting caught?
  10. I’ve left cigars in the car and forgotten about them to then put them back in my humidor for about a month or longer. It seems to be ok. You can rehydrate, but you can’t recover them from getting moldy with too much moisture.
  11. Even here in Kent, OH is an Indian Serpent Mound just a mile or two away, and most locals don’t even know about it.
  12. I was honestly too scared to. This is the second time I’ve had it tuned, trying to find the right combination of spring and firing pin. It’s solid this time, but I need to hit the range to confirm that.
  13. The “Tortilla” holster with Frontier floral carving I paid extra to have.
  14. Got the new El Paso Saddlery holster in finally and had some tuning done to fix the light primer strikes. Unfortunately I noticed the hammer pin has shifted. Can I just undo the grip screw and shift it back into place myself or will that undo any of the gunsmith’s work with my new firing pin and springs?
  15. I just read about Macron donating defensive artillery to Ukraine. I dunno. Sources seem conflicting with one another.
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