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  1. I managed to collect all but one or two Doc Savage books in paperback but I don't remember which one was the first I read. My first favorites weren't books but comic strips: Out Our Way, Lil Abner, Our Boarding House, Blackhawk, and some others.
  2. Oh, yeah, The wife of a friend made me a trader blanket capote that fits perfectly over the Scully jacket. It has a single button and and a sash and utwraps around, has a triangular hood that folds flat across the shoulders when you don't use it as a hood, and a couple of humongous patch pockets. That's for really cold weather........ like if I ever visit Finnland or someplace similar.
  3. Got a Scully fringed pig skin leather jacket. It has a silk-like lining. Over the close to 25 years in California I have added decorations in the form of beads and conchos. The front doesn't overlap when you close it and the collar was bare leather. My first winter in Arizona I found a pair of matching coyote tails, sewed them together at the base and wrapped then in a beaded sleeve. The I put a thong on them where they joined, made a hole in the neck of the jacket with a large button on the inside, and a couple of tie down thongs on the front to attach them to the buttons (conchos). I now have a detachable fur collar and just got another coyote tail and am in the course of finding an equally easy way to hook it up to close the open fly. It's really surprisingly warm except for the open front fly which should be done in a few weeks..... and I've had people follow me down the street to ask about it. About a year ago I picked up a very reasonably priced beaver trappers cap with a leather bill and NO for tail. They also sell mittens, but I'm holding off on that....for now. It has a fold away ear and neck flap, but I may do away with that. The combination is very snuggy warm and only needs some fur botas for my legs. I have a pattern to make them, too, but am still looking for the fur.
  4. Keep me advised....or that's what the 2nd Lt was told.
  5. That's a shame. i'm such a wonderful model for an all American he-man, everyone should see me. Your loss!
  6. They'd put a warning on the warning. California has been out of touch with reality for years and they have a huge number of public employees with nothing to do but screw around with things like warning labels on anyjhing.
  7. I've been in the ER so many times in the last year and a half that Doctor Shere Khan (Yeah, really!) told me that thay are considering putting a memorial brick with my name on it on the wall.
  8. Back to the ER this morning. In and out in 39 minutes....must be a record. I have the best medical team anywhere and they all seem to like me. Go figure.
  9. Not often I'm left without a come back, but you got me.
  10. What's this "cold weather" stuff? It's good at least every week or so the year around.
  11. Been back from the hospital for four days now. So far, so good, but experience tells me that it probably won't last.
  12. That would take a LOT of Testor's cement to get it done.
  13. Can you get a reloading dies for those?
  14. Give me the senior E-7 on the site...NOW!!!
  15. I surely do admire that man's hat.
  16. The one it replaced was a forty some year old Mag Light. We lived a couple of miles up the road from the factory and some friends worked there. It was a great light. Replaced the bulb with an LED a few years back, but had to retire it when I went to change the batteries and one had ruptured and was frozen in the tube. I tried everything to get it out and finally gave it a decent burial and moved on. Looks like I'm a NEBO guy for the time being.
  17. Aw, yes. Greenie Stick Em caps. Long ago and far away, when I wore a younger man's clothes.
  18. Farmer Brothers. Usually found in restaurants. I followed one of their truck all over to find out where to get it. One word answer: Amazon. Also Community Signature Blend. Just a touch of chicory, but if they hadn't told me I'd never have noticed.
  19. Browning museum, Ogden, Utah, west end or 24th (25th? It's been a few years since I was there.) street in the old train station. Been there a lot and still am amazed by the number of guns shown that I have owned or used over the years. Got some really spectacular old cars in the north end or the same building....and a big yard full of train stuff outside.
  20. How about sleeping in the truck. I used to sleep in mine. Air mattress, electric heater, all the conveniences except a toilet, shower, and hot tub. After my wife died I sold my whole rig and stopped traveling altogether, but it worked for a dozen years.
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