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  1. Prayers up for another old timer. Hang in there Pappy.
  2. I bought an Impala the year before they dropped it and the Malibu was supposed to replace the Impala. It did, but it wasn't near as nice a car. I think they will go the way of the Studebaker before long
  3. Oh come on! There MUST be some photos still around of Tom Muley.
  4. O. Y. Knott U. R. Knott I. M. Knott O. S. Uarr
  5. Political Correctness strikes again...and one again a piece of our culture sickens and may die
  6. Glad it turned out that way. I never thought Brando was a real actor. He never impressed me even a little bit. Schell, on the other hand, didn't appear to be acting at all and turned out brilliant performances.
  7. You best stay out of Walmart. When I went through their new "faster and more convenient" check out lines yesterday they had fewer checkout lines, a bunch of employees directing traffic....and screwing it up horribly (took twenty five minutes instead of ten), and pi$$ed off everyone for thirty miles. I'll go back because they are the only place for miles that sell the jeans I like and have larger packages of Denta-Stix tiny dog chewy treats, and about once a year I get my gasses adjusted or buy new frames. I'll wake up the chickens and get in and get out. Amazon has a hub five miles from my house and it's very seldom I need something so quickly that they can't get it to me in time.....and I am learning to adapt to that minor inconvenience.
  8. OOOOOOOOO, that could turn nasty.
  9. I also, but gave up correcting folks when I started to talk like them. (see what I mean?)
  10. Wouldn't it be fun to have been identical twins born just before and just after midnight on New Years Eve and New Years Day? I could have had fun with that combination.
  11. True, but you don't HAVE TO BE most places unless you want to be. "I have nowhere to be and have all day to get there." I can't be hired, fired, promoted, demoted, transferred, laid off, and I don't have to take much from anyone. I have become very adept at telling people what I think and using terms that are not always polite and almost never politically correct. I buy things I want, but have difficulty justifying it to myself some of the time. I have more time for friends, hobbies, reading and watching videos, for going places "just because", meeting new people and reconnecting with some that have fallen off of my every day contact list. I can take time to do things that need done (or put them off for as long I choose to) and can start a new hobby or restart an old one. I can smile at pretty women and babies, stop to pet a dog, eat lunch or dinner at a new place or two....or several....comment on someone's hat or car or motorcycle, and take time to go watch pronghorns, eagles, horses, or just to look at the scenery. Being a widower (8 years tomorrow) I can have lady friends who are simply that: friends. I can also dodge the attempts to set me up with single women. Thanks anyway folks, but I have never had any difficulty meeting women (or anyone else) and I don't want any romantic entanglements. So welcome to a new sort of freedom. Take time to get used to it and practice doing nothing at all sometimes. If you're ever out this way let me know and we can share a meals, spin some yarns, and just goof off. Your choice. Oh, yeah: congratulations, too.
  12. My Mom used "hinky" all the time, usuallly about my friends and school mates, even some of the girls I dated....and two of my uncles
  13. Tom Muley's son contacted me. He's looking for pictures of Tom and I only found a couple. Some of you guys and gals must have some because I remember a lot of cameras at some our lunches and other events. Let me know what you have and I'll find out how to get them to him. Thanks. 40
  14. Does the Ides of March count? My DIL's birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Years Day. I send her something on My birthday every year so she doesn't get left out. Knew a pair of identical twin girls who were born on December 24 and 25th about 35 minutes apart. Caused some confusion amongst a few bureaucratic idiots around our little town.
  15. I'm praying for you Pappy. I just beat down a septic staph infection that they thought was in my urinary system. Fought it for several weeks, until they decided it was in my blood instead. Now I'm taking 1gm tablets twice a day of methenamine hippurate. I have about 90 tablets left of 180 and a refill for 180 more. They are the nastiest tasting thing I ever had in my mouth, but they seem to be working: no trace of the infection left, but I still get to take this medicine until it's gone for certain and sure. Hope they knock yours down, too.
  16. I always thought you had good taste. Guess I was right because Bill's is one of my favorites, too. I like Bucky's too but not as much.
  17. The jungle sure us noisy.....and Dangerous. Sort of like the Aussie Outback, Las Angeles, Israel, and Kiev.
  18. WOWAUH! The first church I remember attending was in a two room storage space over a J. C. Penney store in Toppenish, Washington. I was about four years old. These are amazing!
  19. HUH! I've watched that movie a dozen times and never caught on to that. Thanx.
  20. But...but...but where does the Dalmation sit?
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