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  1. The Duelist shooting category does require fixed sight revolvers. I can shoot my Blackhawks duelist style in my age based Elder Statesman category, but I can’t shoot them as an Elder Statesman Duelist. The various combinations of age, shooting, and clothing categories and what is legal in each combination take a bit of head scratching to figure out.
  2. I live on the Oregon coast where we have lots of big waves and sand dunes. Spindrift is the mist or sand that blows off the top of waves and sand dunes in a high wind. I added the “er” for a bit of western flavor and Spindrifter I am.
  3. I’m not shooting the main match this year so I’m not out in the slop today. I sure feel sorry for those who are, however. If the weather forecast pans out, Friday won’t be as bad as today. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be much better, but still pretty cool for this area this time of the year.
  4. Probably wont be too many pics from today. Nobody wants to get their phones wet, smashed by marble sized hail, or zapped by lightning taking them.
  5. $14.97 for 9oz at Bi-Mart (a mini version of Costco mainly in Oregon). They have it $2 off now and then and I clean them out whenever that happens.
  6. Marble sized hail for five minutes or so about 2 miles north of the range. Hearing protection was necessary in the RV. Dog was not happy.
  7. Cowboy Shooters Supply at Winter Range has 5lb containers for $122.
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