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  1. for me, red dot and winchester primers did NOT work in cold weather,,,, not sure why but way to many squibs,,,
  2. FA,, why? because I found it on craigs list for $75 as new, with seperator too
  3. a drop or two of dawn, and half teaspoon or so of lemishine,,, and presto oh and of course water
  4. it can/should hold 10 357 if the mag spring gets trimmed...
  5. this match should be a sellout!! had good side matches,,, good stages and props,,, good banquet, and awards were quick, with lunch whilst waiting thank you again!!!
  6. fwiw,,, I start with my strong hand, usually, and after the beep it goes to my left hand so that my "claw" is available to grab the shooter if needed. and changes back for the last firearm...
  7. Longhunter also carries one piece firing pins and spring kits,, that and slicking up will do wonders,,, the Widder mods are mandatory
  8. try estate shells,,, they are .010 smaller than AAs and a whole lot cheaper than STSs or AAs
  9. let the shooter finish the course of fire, and watch the timer on the last shots,,, if it's broken, reshoot, if you managed to get the last shots you haven't messed with the shooter... I don't look at the timer until the last shots being fired, all others have no consequence....
  10. 2F will give you a longer flame, burns slower, less recoil too... imho
  11. I've got a sneaky feeling that she knows that!!
  12. Welcome Miss Audacity,, come sit around the fire, kick off your shoes and visit a spell,,,
  13. the folks that I know that have the winchesters by Miroku absolutely love them
  14. I had a rental unit empty out and wasn't too sure about making it, but, the place was pretty clean and in good shape, and using FB I've already got it rented for mid sept,, which means I have time to play! should be heading out friday morning
  15. I'll have to get strat o sheen to try that, I did wo pins for about 30 pcs of 44-40 with dawn and lemon shine and wasn't pleased...
  16. shotgun and chinks,and batwings, all depends on my mood,,, anything from suede, hair on, smooth or woolies
  17. yes I have the magnet, but we all know it's a drag trying to seperate the pins from the brass,,, I have the blue seperator that "spins" but that throws them all over if you go to fast,,, now, I'm lucky, have a barn that I do my tumbling in,,,, now I fill the blue "box" with enough water to cover at least a third of the basket,,, then I slowly spin it,,, very few pins left in the basket,,,, then I pour the water into a 5 gallon bucket of into the gravel,,, carefully so that the pins stay in the container,,, much easier and quicker and rinses the brass really well
  18. ok, I"m cheap,,, a bought a hard shell golf bag and some 4" foam. fits 4 long guns, 4 hand guns,,,, when you drag it into a hotel, it does't raise eyebrows, and if I leave it in the car, I strap it down, I've got to come up witha better locking system tho...
  19. at least in Marlins, titanium is not popular,, at least with me,,, the tips break eaasier
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