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6.5x55 reloading newbie

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:ph34r:  Our club has frequent BAMM events, and in a fit of fiscal foolishness I let go of a '03.  Have looked for a 6.5 Mauser for a number of years and managed to find one today.  1896 model, mfg date of 1916 and seemingly very nice.

Questions:  Source for stripper clips....

                     Is neck-only sizing appropriate?

                     Anyone have a nice moderate load for cast 140 gr bullet using Unique (1250 to 1400 fps)?

                     Would Alox lubing work, or do I have to find my Lyman lubrisizer, which is stored SOMEWHERE around here......and buy sizing die and top punch.

                      Is lubrisizer the only way to crimp gas checks?


Any thoughts, advice or ideas I should be aware of?   This will open up a whole new vista of shooting .....and spending.


Thanks for any thoughts.



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:ph34r:  This may seem strange, but apparently the Wild Bunch forum doesn't want me around.  I don't shoot Wild Bunch, I just wanted some info from the informed members of SASS.  The merry- go- round of challenge question and affirmation of not being a robot doesn't seem to want to let me by.

Thanks for your suggestion.


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Posted (edited)

The main trick for shooting cast bullets in a 6.5 Swede with good accuracy is to keep the muzzle velocity close to 1600 FPS.  It's got a very fast twist rate designed for long-for-caliber jacketed bullets.  I accuracy load to 1600 FPS with a White Label XLOX lube applied with a Lyman 450, and yes, gas checks applied while sizing.   Bullets often give poor results down at 1400 FPS or so.  And get to stripping out of the rifling at much faster than 1700 FPS unless really hard cast.


I've not gotten good accuracy even with careful loading, when using Unique.   Can't find much load data with Unique, but I'd guess 11.5 grains would get you 1600 FPS.   That checks with my QuickLoad interior ballistics calculator.   QuickLoad says to get 1400 FPS would take 9 grains of Unique, but you may not like it's accuracy.


My practical experience is to use AA 5744 or SR 4759 (of course, that powder has not been made for 15 years).  16 grains of 5744 and the Lyman 140 grain 266469 bullet cast to about 16 Brinnell hardness has given me a load that shoots under 1 1/2 inches at 100 yards.


Yes, neck sizing only will work very well with low pressure cast bullet loads!


Stripper clips were VERY available 5-10 years ago when the large dump of Swedish Mausers into the US occurred.   Here's one vendor on Amazon that has clips I have used successfully:



30-06 clips just don't seem to be a nice fit on the 6.5 Swede case rim.


So, the Swede is a great rifle, but not a gun that is easy to shoot as a low speed plinker.   Keep speeds up around 1600 FPS and you can get great results with some work.


Of course, accuracy when shooting cast bullets varies between rifles, lubes, loading techniques, etc. Take all these suggestions with a "grain of flux".


good luck, GJ








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:ph34r:  Thanks GJ!  Just the kind of info needed to prevent major (and expensive!) blunders.

I do have a supply of AA5744 and about half a can of SR4759 I've been hoarding.......  Ingots of good old-fashioned wheel weights......  this project should be interesting.


Thanks for the tips.


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I’m in a similar boat, but I have both an 03A3 as well as a 6.5 Swede. I don’t cast bullets, so what is a good source for purchasing the lead projectiles we need for BAMM?

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14 hours ago, Tennessee River said:

I’m in a similar boat, but I have both an 03A3 as well as a 6.5 Swede. I don’t cast bullets, so what is a good source for purchasing the lead projectiles we need for BAMM?






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