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Big Bore Bullet Casting

Tennessee Snuffy

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I have a 45 caliper 535 g postell bullet mold and would like to cast some 500 g postell using the same mold.  Is that possible?   Can I add some Tin to lighten the weight but then that will also make the bullet harder.  Am I correct?


Suggestions are certainly appreciated.  Thanks a lot


Tennessee Snuffy

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Well, trade for a mold that is close to 500 grains.  You cannot alloy enough to change the weight  by more than about 10 grains lighter, and the tin will cost you a bunch!  


Some mold mechanics are able to mill the thickness of a base-pour mold to cut the mold down to a lighter weight.   If you are going to leave it as a plain base bullet, then milling to remove the current base and the lowest grease groove would take quite a bit of weight off.     Not a job for a home hobbyist in most cases, as the sprue plate mounting screw hole has to be deepened.   And make sure that does not cut into the block's handle mounting slots.


good luck, GJ



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If you’re trying to reduce recoil dropping 35 grains isn’t going to do much. Lyman made 400, 340’ and 292 grain .458 molds. I use the 292 in my 1886 lever-action. 
You could drill the base out as suggested if you have a lathe to keep the hollow base concentric, but in my experience lead likes to gaul and grab the drill. Accurate Molds can make a custom mold to your specs. 

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