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  1. Just sell to members here, cowboys from list their clubs here... someone here knows someone you dealing with...small community
  2. Someone buy this gun....I just bought a thunderer for a little less than this and this is a much better gun...if I hadn't , this would be sold...
  3. FR, I gotta give it to ya....that is pretty cool....we use the single actions so much,I'm sure several of us are very proficient with one and could easily match a nare-do-well unwashed yahoo with a g-lock
  4. Ahhh ok, was gonna say, stoner holsters had one for the thunderer, might be worth a call
  5. I've never seen the ruger, how close is it in size to a thunderer?
  6. No one is offended by goofy me,lol...we are just kicking the can around...I'm bored, sore back and the bungles are loosing
  7. You got offended by something you were not involved in and nothing to do with you.....hmm...sounds kinda Democratty;)
  8. It's all in the Salon and therefore just fun....they call me Ornery for a reason;)
  9. YOU need to re-read...it says left on a table, and I didn't know I had to qualify my occupants, and safety, securities,alarm condition, or even the condition of the pistol. So you read what you waanted into it to make a stupid comment. Sad, you old douchebags spend all day on the internet looking for something to complain about. This was just a funny little story for a couple comments on the new six-gun I had today. Find a life, live with less fear if you possibly can....and troll someone else's thread.
  10. My gun on the table in my room, in my house with my dogs and my wife is unsecure???? Man, I think you old men fear too much
  11. I've looked at using trail boss in 45-70, might try that
  12. Exactly what I wanted, thank you! 8g of unique is great, got a bunch if that and I will load up 5.9 trail boss and some 5.6 and see how they do in my in my 3.5in thunderer...thanks again pards
  13. Gents, This is my first move into reloading the 45 Colt AND NOT using the holy black... I keep reading that 5.8 trail boss is a decent, stout load. I got a ton of Trail boss, and a good bit of unique, 2400 and green dot. I did load some 6.5 green dot , always using 250g lead or HP(only size i got)....what says the rogues gallery. These will be shot in a Cimarron Thunderer, vaquero and open tops. I can google tons of loads on the interweb or re-read all the loading books, but i want first hand loads from the pards and pardettes here. Could also be used as a carry load, never know... OO
  14. Awesome pistols, got 4, main match guns, used to shoot palerider out if mine, never a problem!! Gettin em ready to go again,....these are my favorites and mine are not snazzed up like these, bet they shoot fantastic. And Prarie Dawg is a true gentleman and takes care of his guns...
  15. Go to tractor supply, carhartt hood3d heavy sweatshirt. Mine has lasted years.
  16. throw away the aspirin, break out the bourbon
  17. In the same boat pard...I bought a 50-70 here and found out how hard brass is to come by. It's out there, lookin is half the fun
  18. Anyone list Pantera "Cemetery Gates"?? One of the greatest guitar solos ever.....turn it on, turn it up, you won't regret it.
  19. ok pards and pardettes, I am looking for some 50-70 govt brass to go with the cool new (old) rifle i just bought from a pard on here...I can offer a bunch of brass for trade, 10mm,44 mag,44 spl, 40cal, 38spl, 30-30, 223/556(brass and bullets) , Fed match 308, i even got some 50 BMG hornady and Barret brass and 338 RUM(loaded) for the dinosaur killers. If that dont tickle your fancy, i got good ole US Currency as well....or maybe even a couple tubs of the Trail Boss..;) Shoot me a PM ifn ya got anything for sale or swap
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