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  1. Might want to check that 78 grains.....sounds a little stout to me
  2. Maybe someone should question them, gaming with Uber mousefart loads is pretty sad and not in the spirit of the game...
  3. Even the local shop that sells powder has a bunch, and a good selection(still no primers)..but they priced me out of it...49.99 for a jug of rl-7....nope.
  4. I like the idea of starting out with a good, easy to load cartridge, the 44 or 45. People who cry about the recoil are full of crap. You can load a 44 spl and a 45 colt to very little recoil. Any good cowboy revolver like ruger vaquero, uberti cattleman in 44 spl/magnum or 45 colt. Big, straight wall cases and they are easy to reload. And with a 44/45 , you leave yourself room to grow and shoot any catagory. And you get a great start on an easy caliber to load the holy black, should you choose to come to the dark side. Decide on a gun that you like and has a cool factor for you!! Cause if you don't like it and you don't think it's cool and fun to shoot, you won't shoot it. Have a blast shooting your cowboy guns....that is what it is all about
  5. I use a lee load-all now, no issues , it's easy and it works....
  6. I gotta go with Rye on this one, I love movies for what they are and it did have a super cast in it. Just don't make it after an historical event and change all the history. I understand the draw at the time using the famous names though. That's like showing a film about the alamo, using all the historical correct names of the men and then moving it to take place in ohio and have them win...great cast or not, I got issues....
  7. And they are in great shape..hate to give them up but other projects ..you know how it is...some Yahoo, won't mention any names, buffalo dick, is making me get into wild bunch..so I'm buying new stuff,lol..
  8. Ok pards and pardettes, Thinning the herd a bit so up for sale are my beautiful twins. 2 Ruger Vaqueros in the hard to find but awesome ..44-40!!!!! Beautiful blue case color hardened, with custom grips and blackhawk hammers. The actions are slick and smooth. No, they are not consecutive..but they are pretty. SOLD..... No trades please.
  9. Sure hard to beat Lassiter.....he is the man
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