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  1. Sweet gun, I was wondering how long it would last...thanks Cpt. DAN, saved me some money
  2. Pat, I read all those comments on the s and w forums...and I guess they do use 429 ...very nice!!! No idea why they were bashing the gun...far as I'm concerned, it's beautiful and shoots a tried and true cartridge...bashing the 44-40? I'm not sure some of those yahoo's know ballistics, history or how that caliber has planted more men than they can count. I love it. It's going in a beautiful leather holster and will be on my hip!!!
  3. Gang, I got a very nice S&W 544 Texas wagon train commerative in 44-40....I been reloading 44-40 forever and most of the modern guns will do 429 bullet. Does anyone know for sure that the smith 544 will do 429 instead of 427???
  4. I don't think I would put the word democrat and labor in the same sentence...
  5. Not old but newer , very good movies Broken Trail-robert Duvall Any Tom Selleck...Monte Walsh, Crossfire Trail, Last stand at Sabre River...all excellent Conagher with Sam Elliott....might have spelled that wrong but fantastic movie
  6. Support your local sheriff....James Garner The Searchers...JW at his best
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