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  1. Dinner is at noon. How many of you carried a "dinner bucket" (which could be a molasses bucket, a tin bucket with a thermos or a sack of sandwiches ) with you each day your went to work to eat at noon?
  2. Folks I have a pistol caliber carbine, 45 acp with 16” barrel. After shooting about 15 rounds, I have noticed the first couple of inches of the barrel is badly fouled but it is not leaded up. It takes about 20 with various solvents and brass brushes to clean up the mess. I am shooting a 200 grain RNFP lead bullets (just like I have shot for the past 10 years in my cowboy guns) with 5.1 grains of Nitro 100 and 3.8 grains of Clay Dot. Both of these powders foul very badly. If I use 4.3 grains of Red Dot, fouling is much less. Any ideas as to what may be causing the fouling problems? Would a tighter crimp help? What you think? Thanks Tennessee Snuffy.
  3. WTB 2 to 4 glock 45acp magazines with capacity of 26+
  4. Folks I am interested in shooting PCC as some of the state matches. I sure everyone has there own perfect PCC. What type gun and sights are folks using and why? What would you recommend? I plan on using a 45 ACP. Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
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