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  1. BTT One last time Thanks for all the comments and advise
  2. FOR SALE New in box (never been shot) CZ Drake Ducks Unlimited 28 gauge over and under shotgun, walnut stock, vent rib, 28” barrels and 5 interchangeable choke tubes. Nice Turkish made fit and finish. $700 plus shipping in original manufacture’s box; FFL to FFL
  3. Cheek rest and pistol grip are what I have and enjoy
  4. Mine was high until I started doing all the preventive measures at the range as others have mention. I think my best piece of advise is to move the tumbler outside and then when you pour out the brass, wear a good mask (not the dime store version handed out at various places), and gloves. Before taking the equipment back inside, I use Lead Off and wipe everything down. Just my 2 cents worth. Tennessee Snuffy
  5. Has anyone purchased from the website auction that Prairie Dog mentioned? I have not seen it before?
  6. Folks I am looking for a 10 gauge double barrel. I would prefer a modern gun (Beretta Model 410 or Remington) in which I could shoot smokeless powder but I might consider one with Damascus barrels (then I would have to go to the dark side), I would prefer hammerless. Barrel length has got to be at least 30" long and I would prefer longer. This is not a wall hanger that is desired but I plan on shooting it at cowboy matches. Let me know if you got any questions Tennessee Snuffy
  7. I shoot Rugers with 12 1/4" barrels (45 colt) as my regular match guns. And yes boys and girls you can still miss the big up close pistol targets!!!!!!!! Tennessee Snuffy
  8. 30" or longer if you can find it. Go for the style points!!!
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