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Gunbelt Curve?

Bisley Joe

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Anyone here use gunbelts with a curve to them? Regular or moneybelt?

What I mean is: if you lay the belt flat on a table, does the leather look like part of a circle, or a straight line?


If yes, does the curve make a difference in comfort and staying on?


If no, do you have any issues with the belt being uncomfortable or wanting to work its way down/off?



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I have had/used "Contour" cut or "Curved" gun belts for years and years.  I find them to be much Much more comfortable for a long day or days of CAS than any straight belt.  Generally for "women" be is only because the guys haven't tried a contour gun belt.

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15 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

Curved belts are generally for women.

I would say a woman needs a curved belt if she wants to be comfortable for a day’s shooting. 

But men are not cylindrical through the hips either. Glutes, hip bones, and beer guts all ad to our “topography”.


The good news is that most people don’t need a custom curve in their gun belt. Simply go to a vendor, try a few on, and buy which one feels best to you.

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I wore a straight belt for so many years it now has its own curve to it. It is comfortable so I would say the curve is better.



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