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  1. I used to go riding with Doc Whiplash down in Florida. We we’re warned once as we set out on a ride that there was a feral hog that had chased after a few horses and riders. It had also killed a cow or two, and ate part of them. We we’re carrying a firearm each, but it was still unsettling, They had to get a man with a rifle to bait it and finally kill it, thank God before the monster got to a horse and rider. Pigs can be extremely aggressive and dangerous! And although they look unwieldy, can be very fast-and are built like little tanks.
  2. I thoroughly resent comparing members of Congress to swine! There is no need to insult pigs in such a manner!
  3. Good to know! Will have to check that out too next time I’m in the area. I’m in Show Low. Maybe we will shoot together someday!
  4. Great to talk to someone who was there! Forgot the name. Any chance they relocated and don’t close down? Will have to check that out! Thanks!!!
  5. Tombstone had a couple last I visited, but haven't been back for two years.
  6. There used to be this great store in Prescott, AZ that sold SASS/CAS stuff. They had a section for men and one for women, and there was everything from hats to boots, pants, etc. And then the other side had the gun-shop, with a couple of sofas and a really nice Old West feel to the whole place. Went back a year or so ago and it was gone. Just felt sad. I wish there were more stores like that, or at least some stores like that. I know online is convenient, but there's nothing like going in and trying things on. Hats, in my opinion, are vital to try on. You have to actually see it on your head to know if it matches your looks. There's one in my "area", which I will not mention. Bad experience there with them refusing to even make an effort to help a friend who has spent thousands there with an item that didn't fit, because it just passed their accounting or something like that. That's what happens when there is little competition: arrogance. Will be in Cody, Wyoming for a few days next month. Hopefully there's a store like that there.
  7. Thanks. Ill keep that in mind. My main idea is a recoil pad on the body, not so much the rifle. Thanks for the public range warning!
  8. I’ll do that. Thanks.
  9. Thanks again. I plan on making my own custom pad from leather and some hi tech material. Will experiment for placing on stock but more interested in one that straps onto the body. I have heard different accounts: some saying the recoil is stout but manageable, some saying it is utterly brutal ( with a picture of bruises). I think everyone is different but certainly am going to lean more towards your warnings. Seems like two things are important aside from gun weight and cartridge: a cushion to dampen the recoil, and a way to distribute the force over a larger area. I imagine getting the stock to take and maintain a good position is crucial-and challenging-the thicker the pad. I’m hoping black powder will lessen the punishment a bit, as that’s all I am interested shooting it with.
  10. I really prefer the look of the military stock, but y’all have said it can be brutal-and I don’t doubt it. Does the Shooters Friend Recoil Pad make the military stock manageable? Maybe the military stock with no patch box and with a recoil reducer inside as well?
  11. So what are best ways to reduce felt recoil?
  12. Regarding recoil pads adding length of pull.., What about have the stock shortened let’s say an inch. Then have a removable section of 1 inch. This section can be used if needed when no recoil pad is available. But when it is, remove it and thus the LOP remains the same.
  13. I hear you and lumpy. I intend to visit a shoot and try one. I am listening! and thank you! Will look into that! thanks!
  14. That actually sounds like a fun challenge with a 45-110!!! Maybe silly question: but why is the military stock so much worse with recoil over the shotgun stock?
  15. I looked for the H&R because it’d be nice to have the Buffalo classic one in the two calibers but damn if they are out of production!! As far as long range, although SASS may be shorter ranges, I’d still like to be able to reach out as far as possible. I think the recoil can be tamed with a good shoulder pad and a reducer in the stock. Those quicksliver things that dampen recoil.
  16. I would like to shoot SASS long range matches, yes. The H&R is a nice little rifle, and for a 45-70 I'd likely get that. But I still like the 110 and the Sharps. I'll do more looking into this and work on getting to a match.
  17. I will look into that individual for the rifle. I’ll also do some more thinking. We have long range matches out here so I’ll see about attending so as to get a better idea of the calibers. I do appreciate all the advice!
  18. Interesting. where would one have a rifle frozen?
  19. It’s been great to read the comments. You all have much more experience than I in this-especially since I have zero. Thank you!!! Lumpy Gritz’s advice especially has been really helpful... Thank you Lumpy Gritz! So far what I am leaning towards is LG’s advice of a shotgun type stock. I am, however, pretty decided on the 110. Years ago, not long after seeing Quigley in he theater, there was a man in a Tandy Leather shop and we started talking. I mentioned CAS/SASS and that I loved the Quigley rifle. He said he had one and we walked to his truck. I got to hold the rifle and also a couple of paper patched 45-110. I was captivated by the whole combo. The rifle just felt rig1ht, and the cartridge had a certain mis toque to it. I will be loading only with BP. I find BP to have a far less punishing recoil than smokeless-less of a snap and more of a push. However, have not felt either in 45-110. Are recoil pads allowed in the long range shoots? I’m thinking like a leather pad that I can throw over my shoulder.
  20. Great! Thanks! Does the semi-fancy wood and AAA finish matter beyond looks? It adds over $700 to the rifle and I would be fine with something like plain walnut. What say you?
  21. Great information! Thank you! The single trigger is a deal breaker, so thanks for pointing that out! Why the MVA #113 front sight? I trust your advice, but would like to know why. Also, I am thinking of the semi-buckhorn rear sight. Do you think that's good, or full buckhorn? Why? As far as the semi-fancy wood and AAA, is it just for looks? Adds abut $700 to it. Thank you again sir!
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