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"Matching Rifles"

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Let's say you want to have a "matching set" of rifles.   By that, I mean, .22, pistol, and rifle caliber.   There are a lot of options.


1.  Colt Lightning in all three frame sizes.

2. Winchester 73 in .22 and pistol caliber, Winchester 76 for rifle.
    There are probably more "variations" in this grouping than you can shake a stick at.  You can swap out the 73 for a 66 or a Henry for the pistol caliber rifle, and Uberti did make a "66" version of their .22 caliber 73 replica.
3.  Winchester 9422 with a 92 and an 86.
4.  Winchester 9422 with a 94 and a 94.

5.  Marlin 39A, Marlin 1894, and Marlin...   What would be the "rifle" caliber Marlin to use?  I am just not familiar with them.
6.  Henry Repeating Arms has a few different guns that could be mixed and matched according to preference, I suppose, again, I am not familiar enough with them to offer model designations.   Can anyone help?

And is there anything else that would fit the bill?  I suppose we could consider various pump, and semi-autos made by different gun makers, maybe even bolt guns, as long as they sufficiently resemble each other.   Suggestions welcome. 


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If one had two rifles that were the same except for caliber, that would be matching in my estimation. When my Landlord died, we found a couple sets of shotguns that were matched except for calibration. The two I specifically remember were a matched set of Remington semi autos in the Browning style. One 12ga. one 20ga. His daughter said that they had been for him and his wife. Something like this.

The Remington Autoloading Shotgun at the Traps 1905-1910 | Trapshooters  Forum

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For Marlin, a 336 - 30/30 or 35 Remington, 444 in 444 Marlin (kind of obvious there), or an 1895 in 45/70.


You could take a Remington pump - a Model 12 in 22 long rifle, a Model 14 in 35 Remington, and a Model 14½ in 44/40.

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"Matching" rifles in your context don't exist in repeating guns.  You could conceivably do it with LoWall rifles, ie 22, Pistol Caliber and 38-55 or similar.  A Handi rifle with fitted barrels might qualify.  The repeaters you cite are not "matching."  They are all different guns.


Except perhaps for the Lightnings.  Grey area there.

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Bought my son a Colt Frontier Scout and a Winchester 9422M for his tenth birthday, both in .22 magnum.


Later on I got myself a Uberti 1873 rifle and a pair of SAA pistols all in .44-40.  I have since swapped the sixguns to another pair in .45 Colt.


Do those count?

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