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Can someone explain 'down town' and 'up town' to me?

Buckshot Bear

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you gotta love all the different approaches tho , its all about how and where you grew up , where your family got their perspective from , we all have a different point of reference , 


ive lived all the way south and all the way north along the mississippi in my life as well as in the middle  , with a couple lateral moves mostly east , its been fun getting that perspective in all the areas ive spent time , i know that gives me a limited view even with the wide expanse , the one thing ive learned is we dont all see things the same but its one of the wonderful things about this country - we dont have to , 


its all just one big country song .................oh and i grew up uptown and we went downtown to get to town , had to take the car it was a bit of a hike 





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Downtown El Paso is near the center of town (where the taller buildings are)

Downtown San Francisco is the financial district north of market street (kinda where the trans-america pyramid is).


neither town has an “uptown” that anyone’s ever referenced 





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On 4/1/2023 at 7:37 PM, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

I would add that Downtown is generally where the government, local, county, or state is located.

Oh, the centers of crime….

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Uptown and Downtown



Uptown, downtown, two words that sound,

Different in meaning, that can be found.


Uptown is up, it's high and grand,

It's where the rich and wealthy stand.


Downtown is down, it's low and wide,

It's where the hustle and bustle reside.


Uptown is posh, it's sleek and chic,

It's where the boutiques and galleries speak.


Downtown is gritty, it's raw and real,

It's where the artists and rebels feel.


Uptown is glamour, it's glitz and shine,

It's where the nightlife and parties align.


Downtown is edgy, it's dark and cool,

It's where the music and bars rule.


So there you have it, the difference is clear,

Uptown and downtown, two worlds to appear.


Poem generated on ChatGPT

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