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Rossi R92 help request

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I bought a Rossi R92 lever action rifle. Stainless, 45 Colt. I got it out of the gun cabinet and removed the lawyer safety. I have been trying to locate where I can get one of the safety hole plugs. I am lucky I guess because mine only has a single red dot and not the F and the S which it seems like almost everyone hates. Back to the reason for this post. If anyone knows where I can order and purchase the plug for the safety hole please let me know. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks 

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a quick search gave these.  Steve”s Guns is the 92 expert on 92’s 
Steves gunz,


online outpost.



have fun. 

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If you have a little gunsmithing ability, you can modify the original safety yourself. Tap out the pin and remove the safety switch. Grind off the D-shaped part on the bottom and replace the switch. Leave out the little spring and detent ball. You can smooth and polish the top of the switch if you like to remove the little lever. I have done this on a couple Rossi rifles and it works great, and it's free! Good luck!

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Find someone with a .25ACP, get an empty case from them and shorten it. Some Blue Loctite will hold it perfectly.

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