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  1. I said I would take it and sent a PM 4 hours ago. Is it not for sale?
  2. Hey there Capt'n. Im pretty sure that the SS in the description stands for Stainless Steel..lol
  3. I'll take the red bib shirt. PM coming your way.
  4. in need of a few hundred 45 long colt brass casses and about 25 45 long colt nickle cases. Really dont want to deal with gunbroker or wait for back orders from vendors.
  5. There is a post by Slick McClade on here where he has 1 for sale.
  6. I wish I could figure out how to set alerts, he is quick on the draw.
  7. Any price under $200.00, in todays market, is a good deal. There is a 5lb. jug on an auction site at $350.00. I use Clays and just found some online for $25.00 for 15oz. But adding in hazmat shipping was around $80.00 for 2 bottles.
  8. I am looking for a set of 45 colt dies for a Dillon Square Deal B. I have a set of 45 acp dies to trade if interested. Got em coming, Thanks
  9. Been sending you PM's about a purchase we are working on. Please check your messages and get back with me.
  10. Guess im a minute too slow. If the federal large pistol are still available, i will take them
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