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  1. if James doesnt want the staging strip, I'm a buyer.
  2. if its new, in the box, it will have both primer set ups. At least it did in mine.
  3. Widder, how does someone get in touch with you with a question or 2.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Anvil, but I tried Henry and they are on backorder and pricey. Got a cowboy on here that is sending one to me. I'll pay it forward when he moves on to a 73 or a 94.
  5. a lot depends on if any work has been done to the guns. I picked up a longhunter worked remlin in . 357 a few months back for $900.00.
  6. Wanting to get the grandson into cowboy action shooting (he's 8). We have the . 22 pistols and a Henry H001 but the stock is a bit too long for him to shoot comfortably. I tried Henry and most other sources but no luck. Hoping someone here may have one that their buckaroo outgrew.
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