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  1. https://reloadammo.com/44-magnum-reloading-data/ https://reloadammo.com/44sloads/
  2. That extra trigger looks like a double action Smith and Wesson.
  3. I’ve never seen those marks on a factory Ruger. Are you sure they came that way?
  4. I almost got scammed the same way a while back, after I posted a Want To Buy ad. I thought the name was fishy and checked when the guy joined. It was the same day!
  5. You might try VTI Gun Parts or EBay. Someone on here may have one. Good luck!
  6. Any chance it could be fixed? Maybe recrowned or something? Can you post some pictures. It might be salvageable.
  7. Yes, I’m waiting on some 45 Cowboy Special as we speak.
  8. You hit the Mother Lode there for sure!
  9. Your 2014 rifle was made after Remington took over Marlin. By 2014 they were doing a little better as far as fit and finish but not nearly as good as the JM guns. The wood to metal fit was hit or miss and they were using those God-awful laser checkered stocks that just didn’t look great. Those guns can be made to function pretty well with some polishing of the right places. You can also install a one-piece firing pin which makes the action feel smoother. Check with Long Hunter Shooting Supply for the firing pin. Good luck and happy shooting!
  10. Going through my powder stash, What do I see? A full bottle of Trail Boss? Can it really be? Wiping the tears from my eyes, I carefully pull it out, I see the price tag, and start to shout! How old can this be, To have such a price? I would gladly pay double for more, wouldn’t that be nice! Perhaps the last full bottle in the world!
  11. Scammers usually show up after you place a “Want To Buy” ad. They know someone that has just what you’re looking for and they give you their friend’s email address. I almost fell for this when I was looking for a Glock 21. I got wise when I asked for pictures and he sent some that he probably found on the internet. He had a user name similar to the one listed and he joined the day I placed the ad. Scammers are everywhere!
  12. I’ve got some. Seems to work OK in my Lee dies.
  13. Longhunter would be a good choice. https://www.longhunt.com/web/
  14. Model 1894 is the various pistol caliber rifles. Model 1895 is the 45-70 and other large bores. Model 336 are the 30-30, 35 REM. etc. Model 1897 are the .22’s. There are older model years but you don’t see them as often.
  15. I’m your huckleberry! I’ll PM you my phone number and we’ll talk about it.
  16. I haven’t seen the Pistoleer personally but I have had several Uberti pistols over the years. They are good pistols and should serve you well for many years. Good luck and happy shooting!
  17. Thanks for the head’s up! Just ordered 1000 Federal small pistol primers. Limit one box but better than nothing.
  18. There is one on EBay but you could get it cheaper from Dillon perhaps. https://www.ebay.com/itm/354487474922?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=iIlk7u52Sza&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=rnuJyinBSRu&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  19. I’d be interested in the Mernickle rig if you’d consider selling it separately.
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