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  1. For sale a gently used Uberti 1866 Sporting Rifle in 44-40 (44 WCF) with a 20 " barrel. I bought this new. It was used in 2 matches. Excellent condition. It has the following: Pioneer Gun Works standard short stroke. PGW lightened lifter and lever springs. The Smith Shop light duty mainspring. Hex head mag plug Big bead brass front sight. Not a thing wrong with it, no brass dings on the top. I just don't shoot it, I'm a Marlin guy. Asking $1,275 shipped. SOLD
  2. ShipMyGun.com is the cheapest I've used.
  3. The last Marlin rifle I shipped through UPS with $1,000 insurance was around $87.
  4. Just use the shell holder for 45 Colt and the dies for a 45 ACP.
  5. Very nice! Certainly beats doing it with a file.
  6. Thanks JB, if I can't find a checkered set I'll get back to you.
  7. If you can use 45 Schofield brass, I bought 500 cases from Starline last week for $138.50 shipped. I just checked and it shows it's still in stock.
  8. Howdy pards! I need a set of Eagle checkered grips for an Old Model Vaquero similar to these: They look like dark walnut. Thanks!
  9. Four clicks spell C O L T One click spells Ruger
  10. https://www.brownells.com/reloading/primers/pistol-primers/premium-gold-medal-pistol-primers-prod79084.aspx
  11. Nice rifle! Looks like it also has a Trigger Happy trigger too. I'm sure this will sell fast.
  12. Pretty rough, I'd pass. What can you really do with it? It's not nice enough for a collector and you probably won't use it as your main match rifle. It will just end up sitting. Been there, done that. If is was in better condition maybe.
  13. I have had all different barrel lengths from 3" to 7 1/2". The length doesn't really matter, just get what you like or feels best in your hands. I have a set of Ruger Vaquero Sheriff's models in 45 Colt with 3 1/2" barrels that are my favorites because they are really light.
  14. The newer the better. I think they made them until 1955 or '57. I don't know if takedown or not is better. If it's a takedown the two serial numbers should match. Joe Brisco at Cowboy Shooter's Supply knows them well. They call it a 97 because there are 97 ways for it to break.
  15. I have had this beauty in the back of my safe for about 10 years. She hasn't been cowboy'ed. Bought from elderly original owner. I'm on the way to work and I can get you more pics. PM if interested. Made in 2001.
  16. If you can't find someone to trade guns, you could swap just the grip. Less expensive when you factor in shipping and FFL fees. You need the grip frame and grips, hammer, trigger and two screws. Everything else is the same. Good luck!
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