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  1. Thanks Drop Dead Ed. All that I can find on Steve’s Gunz is is a peep sight safety plug but the second link is just what I am looking for. I appreciate your assistance.
  2. I bought a Rossi R92 lever action rifle. Stainless, 45 Colt. I got it out of the gun cabinet and removed the lawyer safety. I have been trying to locate where I can get one of the safety hole plugs. I am lucky I guess because mine only has a single red dot and not the F and the S which it seems like almost everyone hates. Back to the reason for this post. If anyone knows where I can order and purchase the plug for the safety hole please let me know. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Would really like a set with a left hand strong side and a left hand cross draw for 1871-72 Uberti open top navies in 45 Colt with 5 1/2 inch barrels. If you are interested in making them or will pass on the makers info. Thanks
  4. I have a new Colt Python, stainless, factory engraved, unfired 357 mag with box and paperwork that I am selling or possibly trading. $2500 or trade to Colt single action or other comparable value cowboy action firearms. Pictures just don’t do it justice. Thanks
  5. I have an EMF Great Western Sheriffs model with 3” barrel and no ejector. Made by Pietta. Unfired with box and paperwork. Blue and cch and has the 4 click hammer. I will try to add pics but if not able to drop me an email at Trav3l3r43v3r@yahoo.com.
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