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Kansas State Black Powder Championship

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Howdy all, if you like to shoot BP this is a shoot to attend! Dates are Sept.16-18 at Butterfield Gulch in Chapman Kansas. Smokeless shooters are encouraged to shoot with us the same weekend! Check out our website Butterfield Gulch Gang of Kansas - Cowboy Action Shooting  For more information.



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Dawg and the boys put on a great shoot, black powder or smokeless you can bet on a great match!

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What SCJ said. ^^^^^ :D

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just out of curiosity if we did have a plainsman side match say 3 stages,,, how many folks think that would be good and come participate the match?

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Ok folks I spoke with several people to get their opinion, we at Butterfield will be having a 3 stage Plainsman side match at the Kansas State Black Powder Championship September 16-18 2022. Here is the deal,, we will have a traditional category and an open category. So if you have a legal single shot rifle but no cap and ball revolvers we are going to allow cartridge revolvers in the open category. Also modern will fall into the open category.  The rifle targets will be set at  45 to 50 yards out, pistol targets will be around 6 yards and SG targets 8 to 10 yards out. So no need for full house rifle loads.

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