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  1. I was disappointed to miss the KS state cowboy championship, I'll have to work this into the schedule. Will Plainsman be part of the sidematches?
  2. As Sedalia said, keep your expectations real low. We might see these in 2024.....
  3. Found some purty buckles on my doorstep for Battle for Baldknobber's Ridge.........
  4. Be sure to get your applications in by Friday! This will be a great cowboy shoot, we even have some brand new targets to kick it off!
  5. Man this looks like fun. If I can sort out the ten hour drive with the Mrs.
  6. @DeaconKC you just let me know who we need to call and tell 'em your sick. I get it though, really hoping to be able to connect with some more people/clubs in AR. Being in Branson, you're just a stones throw away.
  7. We are less than a month away from "Battle for Baldknobber's Ridge," Bear Creek Volunteers annual shoot. Check out the article in the chronicle from last year, or it can be found at https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/21eChron/21OctChron.pdf Application and more info can be found at https://bearcreekvolunteers.com/Baldknobbers.html We ask that shooters try and post mark their application or give us a heads up my May 15th to make sure everyone gets well fed! We have some exciting new targets and have been hard at work getting the range all kinds of purty for ya! BattleforBaldknobbersRidge2022.pdf
  8. As a club who hosted state WB championships and now the SouthWest Territorial/Regional I whole heartedly agree. Feel free to join us in Branson, MO this September: https://bearcreekvolunteers.com/StateWB.html
  9. Yeah I would not hold your breath at all. In addition their focus is going to be ammunition for contracts not components.
  10. We are just a couple on months away, buckles are on order and applications are rolling in! Be sure to get yours in. If you haven't seen em, look at the video Bear Creek has some of the most unique targets!
  11. @Judah MacAbee SASS #64095 Life apparently your PM didn't come through.
  12. When are you getting to EoT? I would like to take a look at this. I'll message you with a phone number to reach me when we are there.
  13. Dusty Boddams and the Texas Doughboys have a great Wild Bunch program down there.
  14. Glad for the clarification, I haven't been able to find a carbine/cadet that I found to have an agreeable price so I'll just have my 1884 trapdoor rifle. I think I will be able to poke the first set of targets....
  15. For all those curious, this is a video we made of the range a year or so ago. We are always improving targets and looking at a few nifty new target sets before June.
  16. Join us in beautiful Branson, MO for the Battle for Baldknobber's RidgeBuckles for the top 5 shooters, including Top Man and Top Lady! We will shoot six stages, lunch and awards on Saturday June 4th. A doubles team match is under consideration if there is interest. Stick around to Sunday and we will hold a 3 stage Wild Bunch mini-match. Applications are online, keep an eye on the webpage for the latest info and we'll see you there! Everything is on the web at: https://bearcreekvolunteers.com/Baldknobbers.html BattleforBaldknobbersRidge2022.pdf
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