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  1. John, Get an attorney knowledgeable in employment law and experienced in litigation. There are potentially more avenues than the Family Medical Leave Act open to you. Without a thorough interview with someone who knows the law, both Federal and State, you will not know the options available to you. Many of these options offer the right for you to recover your attorneys' fees and expenses if you are successful. There is no way that even a knowledge attorney can advise you via a message board. And while well meaning, those offering you advice cannot know enough about the specifics of your case to offer reliable suggestions. I know this to be true because I handled cases like yours. A typical interview with a potential client would span at least two hours, then we would get all the medical records, employment files, review them and then do another follow up interview with the potential client. I tried more than one case that was similar to what you describe with an employee terminated because of excessive sick leave usage. For an example of what can be involved in one case I ultimately tried to a jury, see, https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp/859/498/1396509/ and, https://casetext.com/case/dutton-v-johnson-county-bd-of-cty-comrs These cases are VERY dependent on the facts, facts that can be unique to each case. This means the lawyer must spend the time to learn those facts from you and your medical records, your wife's medical records, and research the applicable case law. Only then are they in a position to offer you advice. You treated me fairly when we did business, you deserve better, and I wish you the very best.
  2. Many US Attorneys have a threshold for initiating actions for Wire or Mail fraud that is much higher than the threshold in the statute. Five years ago (my last experience for a client who was a victim) the threshold was $70,000, though they will aggregate repeated scams to reach that limit and add in RICO counts. Many perpetrators are aware of this and avoid high dollar frauds. Your best defense to such claims is: 1) deal with people you know, either a brick and mortar store, vendors with goods at a match or local fellow shooters; 2) if you buy via gun broker, armslist or a similar venue look at the reputation (avoid those with poor reps and those with few sales reps), check their address via on line satellite mapping services, look up their FFL status on line, look at the State Secretary of State's listing of business, especially if the State requires DBA listings; 3) never use pay pal, a check or cashier's check, send cash, wire funds, use prepaid gift cards, or debit cards - only rarely, preferably with someone you have a relationship with and/or checked out send a money order. Even if lost, it can take months for the USPS to issue you a refund, and you must pay for them to investigate. Use a credit (not debit) card. Federal Reserve regulations put the onus for preventing fraud on the credit card companies. The financial institutions approve who they allow to use their services. As a result you are protected from fraud. ONLY USE CREDIT CARDS NOT DEBIT CARDS - THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. 4) do not trust someone who suggests that they are a moral person because they go to church, advertise their Christian or religious beliefs or affiliations. Con men make their living by adopting the trappings of morality. (My client invested his companies 401K holdings with such a con man, referred by his pastor, who was also fleeced.) Do your research. Do not be fooled by a glib or truthful appearance; you will never hear someone say they were scammed by someone they did not trust; 5) run from any deal that is "too good to be true" - it likely is too good to be true and the lie will cost you; 6) most con men / scammers will try for a second bite, as reported by the original poster. This is a bright red, neon flashing warning sign, but it can also be an aid to getting your money back. If this should happen consider at that point hiring a professional to track the scammer. It is possible, but it will cost money, in most cases more than you are already out. I wish the best. It is sad, but it makes us appreciate the overwhelming honest, fair folks in this sport all the more.
  3. Too many "Hud"s around these parts. Out here we have "High Plains Hud" who shoots Classic.
  4. True. I have enough caps to last till next May, I think. Shooting Frontiersman till then.
  5. Okay, Major, I'll shoot Classic. Now I have a question and a plea. Question - do I shoot it cap and ball, smokeless or cartridge BP? Decisions, decisions. Plea - you and HUD need to talk with K-lynn. I have failed to convince her, but given your powers of persuasion you two have a chance.
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