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Towing a 22 ft or smaller Camper

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Check what the tow capacity is of your vehicle.  If in doubt provide the VIN to your local dealer and they can do the research for you.  Make certain that your vehicle tires are capable of towing, again if there is a question go to your reputable tire dealer and they will help.  Invest in a sway control system and always have a reliable trailer brake system.  The F150 should handle it fine but I have not towed with a 1/2 ton in decades.  3/4 ton vehicles have larger brakes  and are normally better equipped to handle towing.  And remember gas engines suck the fuel when towing.  Good luck and always have help when backing, keeps you from bumping into things that you would rather not run into.   

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I miss my 1999 2500 extended cab Ram long bed with a Cummins in it. Right now i have 2012 Ram with a 4.7 gas and towing setup and built in brake control. I believe it is rated at 7500lbs towing but i never push the limit on it. I aquired on old camper that needs work before i tow it and i think i will find a different Ram 2500 or 3500 with a Hemi or Cummins for towing. I am a member of the bigger is better for towing although i towed a lot stuff with my 1995 hd Ram with a 360 (pre hemi) and blown tires and tore stuff up, I agree using the right equipment for the job is your best bet. Good luck and be safe.

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Finding a good truck at a decent price right now is a challenge to say the least

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If you have to question if your truck will handle your load.

Then it probably won't. 


Better to have a little to much. Than a little to little. 


I don't have much use for a 1/2 ton. 

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