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Watching a Lifetime movie with the wife where two gals TP one of their bosses tree in front of his house. They merely threw the rolls by hand and did a terrible job. 

As this Post states, below is the better way. 



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I thought the purpose was to get it stuck in the trees, or maybe going over the roof. That looks like it's just blowing it out on the ground.

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2 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

He'll be real sorry real soon.  Costco is already limiting the amount of TP you can buy.  Round two of the great TP shortage is coming.

Save that the Sears catalog and all them christmas catalogs you get...Might have a better need for them...


Texas Lizard


At least it will get the job done...

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Whoa be unto any punk or punks that do this on my property. I am a pretty nice guy and I do have some tolerance for kids and their pranks, as I participated in lots of these as a kid, but I never TP’d a home or property. 
Someone TP’d our house when I was little. It rained. What a mess. 

I am pretty sure if I found out who TP’d my property my response would warrant jail time (if they figured out it was me)

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