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Congrats to Christian Mortician and Pearly Heart SC State Top Guns

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Big congrats to father and daughter team Christian Mortician and Pearly Heart as the Top Guns at the SC State match!  Congrats to Stone Ground and Sue Render as the Top SC State Champions!  Also congrats to all of the SC state champions, category champions and the oft forgotten clean shooters!  Great job by Slippery Stew and crew!  

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Old What’s His Name and Pearly Heart done good. Posse 3



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A hearty congrats to Christian and Pearly.


Also a shout out for Cowboy Jon and Shelleen. Great finish guys. 

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Congrats Christian and Pearly! 

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As an aside, Pearly and Christian are collecting damaged brass casings and spent primers to recycle and contribute to Pearly's college fund.  If you have any you might pass them along.  


It was great shooting with Krazy Kajun (who was an excellent posse marshall), Captain Bill, Renegade Roper, Scarlett, Christian, Pearly and everyone else on Posse three.  And, of course, congrats to Christian and Pearly!

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