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  1. I was just recently talking about this with another cowboy. My thoughts were what could be done to entice the younger crowd to come play our game. His thoughts, and I agree, were that young people don't have the money to play. When they are starting their careers and families they don't have the disposable income to purchase the items needed. So it isn't until their kids are out of college and on their own that they can afford it. Hence the large number of old fat white guys. I know this was the case for me. I have known about SASS since the early 90's, was saving money to buy my first guns, was even working part time for one of the well known gun smiths at that time. Life happened and my wife got pregnant. Babies were born, divorces happened, jobs changed and it was forgotten until I stumbled back onto it last year at age 55. Now I have the money to play and am really enjoying it. I didn't even know it still existed until I happened to be in a gun shop and overheard two guys talking about it. SASS definitely needs to figure out how to manage advertising and exposure. I tell everyone I encounter that is a gun person about Cowboy Action Shooting and how much fun I am having. Have even got a few to come try it out. Hopefully they come back.
  2. There is also a guy on there with a page, Roberts Bullet and Case feeders, that 3d prints case feeders. Probably not what the OP wants because he already has plates but I ordered one for one of my 650's that didn't have a case feeder. It works really well and was a little cheaper than the dillon with some improvements over the dillon.
  3. I have made some good buys off of MeWe which is a social media platform like facebook but run by conservatives so you can buy and sell guns, ammo and loading equipment. Free app, sign up and look for pages. SASS has a couple of pages, look up the "dillon 650/750 loaders" page and the "everything reloading" which is the equipment page and "everything reloading components" which is the page for components.
  4. I have both a CZ sharptail and an SKB and the two are very similar. So if you can't find an SKB give the sharptail a look.
  5. GJ, thank you for you input. Just to keep everything straight I dumped the powder that was in the powder measure that was a mix of known clays and the Australian jug. I separated out the rounds loaded and will pull them and dump the powder. I put just the Australian clays in the measure and yes I had to adjust the measure to get the same grain weight as the Canada clays. I loaded some rounds and these are the ones I am going to test against the known Canada clays rounds. After investigating the differences I don't think the jug I got from Smokin D was mixed, I think it just looked different because of the different manufacturers.
  6. After posting here and getting some favorable replies and doing some more internet searching I have determined that the powder is not mixed, it is just the difference between made in australia vs canada. If it were just one pound I was suspicious about I would definitely throw it out, but we are talking about an 8 pound jug with about 6 pounds in it. I am loading 3 grains and am going to go test a few rounds and see what happens. I will test it in my blackhawk so I don't run the chance of damaging my main match vaqueros. Will be a day or so before I can get to the range but i will report back with my findings. Plan on shooting through a chronograph and compare to known clays. On a sadder note, I have not been able to contact the cowboy I bought it from and I am afraid he may have passed away. I did a search on google and found a link to an estate sale in July. Smokin D if you are still around please contact me.
  7. I just discovered what I think might be the answer. The suspect jug is "old clays" made in Australia. The other bottles of clays I have are the "new clays" made in Canada. Hopefully that is the answer.
  8. I bought a half full jug of clays powder from a cowboy who was retiring from the game. He said it was the only smokeless powder he used. He also shot black powder. I am in the process of loading 38 specials and using clays. I finished the 1 pound can I was working on so I grabbed the half full 8 pounder and poured some in my powder measure. I immediately noticed it looked black where clays has a slightly green color to it. Upon looking closer it appears there are what look like donuts of trailboss powder sprinkled in with it. I smelled a new can of clays and it has a smell like Elmer's glue. The suspect powder does not. Any ideas? I put in a call to the cowboy I bought it from but he was terminally ill when I dealt with him almost a year ago so I am afraid he may have passed away. His phone went straight to voice-mail. I really hope I don't have to dump 4 pounds of powder as scarce as it is. Here are some pics. First two are suspect powder, third is out of a brand new bottle of clays.
  9. I was a product tester for a guy who 3D prints those wrenches and sells them on MeWe. Great product and my 75 year old dad with arthritic hands really likes his. As others have said, make sure the gasket is clean and wet it before installing the lid.
  10. I will take that. Please PM me with where to send payment.
  11. Reserved our house yesterday and sending application in tomorrow, can't wait!
  12. I am sure someone will chime in with more info but it is my understanding that a few years ago winchester changed the AA hull. The original hull was a one piece design and the new AA is a two piece. I am sure it can probably be loaded more than once but probably not as many times as the old original hulls. When I got back into shotgun reloading this change had taken place so I sources Remington STS and Nitro hulls to reload.
  13. Download the MeWe app, it is like facebook but you can sell firearms and related things. There is a page called Everything Reloading components and people buy and sell brass on there constantly. I have both bought and sold. That will also tell you what it is selling for and you can decide if you want to sell un-processed or if you want to deprime, resize, and clean. Another tip, Midway USA sells a set of "sifters" that you pour range brass through and it sorts brass by size/caliber. If you are doing a lot of range pickup this will make sorting faster.
  14. One pops up for sale on the shotgun world forum once in a while. Also check ebay. I also think Jim's eye and ear sells reconditioned machines
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