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  1. My wife and I got married in Sedona and had lunch in Jerome on our wedding day.
  2. I have three MEC 9000H shotgun loaders for sale, 12ga, 20ga and 28 ga and one hydraulic pump unit. The loaders were set up and operating when I bought them. Sale includes shot/powder bottles, charge bars, primer feeders and bushings. I am located in Shalimar, FL but could possibly arrange transportation to Ambush. Asking $2500 for everything. Would like to sell all as one lot. Would listen to offers.
  3. I haven't used it yet but after researching this topic I bought an Annealeez machine. Just got it in the mail. I bought it for 45 cases and for my black powder cartridge long range rifle cases.
  4. Congratulations to your young'un's! It is a lot of fun watching them pass you up!
  5. The Archives section of Colt was sold off to a private company several years ago so no, Colt doesn't make a dime off of the letters.
  6. I was very happy with the 1911 I got in round 2. There is a facebook group where people post pics of what they got and their RGN so you know when your number is about to come up. Just before mine came up they were dispersing out of a crate of some very nice rack grades and that's what I opted for when I got the call. I got a very nice original finish colt frame with remington rand slide that had only been through one arsenal rebuild. There is also a guy on the facebook page who is very knowledgeable on 1911's and provides a lot of great information. If you join the Garand collectors association they automatically send your information to the CMP so you don't have to, was well worth it to me for that alone.
  7. Put me with the rubber glove on the left hand while loading lead bullets crowd. I also wear them when cleaning guns.
  8. This may seem like a silly reply but you have to have a case in the shell plate to activate the powder bar when the handle is cycled. The failsafe rod just makes sure the powder bar returns to the fully closed position between strokes. With no case in the powder die it will not cycle the powder bar fully.
  9. If the factory letter confirms the engraving is factory it adds a few thousand to the value. If grips also letter add another grand. Have the letter addressed to "Colt collector" instead of someone's name that way it won't go to the new owner with someone else's name on it.
  10. No, I just deprime on this press before wet tumbling the brass. I run the cleaned brass through my dillon 650 that does everything. But I don't see any reason you couldn't deprime, size and prime with this pusher in place. It even came with a discharge ramp. Hooks on the press with rare earth magnets so it comes right off
  11. I have one on my rock chucker supreme that a guy 3d printed. It works great for depriming, really speeds it up. I am out of town at the moment but will see if I can find his contact information. I think it cost $25. He also makes a part that replaces the primer catch tray and shoots the spent primers down a tube into a container.
  12. I guess I am in the minority that I load on a Ponsness Warren. I bought an 800 Cvt at an estate sale and did a lot of learning, tweaking, tuning and upgrading on it. It produces factory quality reloads and does it quickly. I like it so well I bought an 800 plus for my new loading room I am setting up at my farm. As for the cost of reloading the price of shotgun primers keeps coming down. Powder is becoming mire available in just the last few weeks. Shot has been a little hard to find but it is available. I don't think prices will ever get back to what they were pre plandemic but the reason I reload is because the ammo I shoot for cowboy is either not available or if I do find it the price is double what it was. I had a good stock of supplies so I am still able to reload in the $4 a box range. But even at today's prices you can still do it for under $8. The cheap value pack shotshells at walmart are over $9 a box and I haven't seen LNLR's for less than $12.
  13. I saw a recent post on one of the black powder cartridge rifle forums and it seems they are shooting for early 2023 for product release.
  14. I just went through this decision process and decided on the Shaver long range for my 45-70. It is also going to be helpful to learn how to read the markings on the sight. I called Lee Shaver and talked to him personally and discussed my sight choices. With the expense of the sights it only made sense to have a sight that would shoot further if I ever decided to do that rather than being handicapped by a sight that wouldn't shoot that distance. Turn your hat around or take it off to shoot it.
  15. At first I didn't reload shotgun shells because they were available at several places at around $7.00 a box for LNLR. Then they disappeared so I had to do something so I started reloading them. There are components out there, you just have to be ready to buy when they pop up, mostly online resources. Cheddite primers are available from several places and the price has been coming down from what it was. Clay dot powder has been available several times recently, I just got an 8 pounder from natchez. Shot is available if you look around. The prices are starting to come down a little from what they were. Recently, just the past week, shotgun shells have started showing up at Walmart and other local places again. The problem is the price has went up at least 50%. Shells that were $7.97 a box are now $10.97 or higher. So reloading for $6.00 a box or less now makes for some pretty significant savings.
  16. I believe Macon gun stocks makes a replacement stock for the skb's. I don't know if they have any left but I ordered a brand new one from SKB back in 2020. They had a run of 30 made and had 7 left after I ordered mine. I don't know if they plan on doing another run or not. Surprisingly I find a lot of stocks on ebay.
  17. Congratulations! Well deserved honor!
  18. Brandon McCumber in Carrollton is building custom rifles, he would be capable of doing the job. Also, I don't know if he is still doing gunsmith work but Larry Crow was in Bogard the last I knew. He did a lot of cowboy gun work some years back.
  19. My wife and I got married in Sedona and had lunch at the restaurant in the old mental hospital in Jerome, had the haunted hamburger!
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