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  1. If he is looking for an 1894 that is pre 1927.
  2. I finally was able to buy what I was looking for but I had to put up a WTB ad and ask that replies be sent by PM. That kept any deals off of the open forum and off the radar of the vendors in question.
  3. Florida is open for business, come on down! Maybe someone local to the match can chime in but where I live near Destin we are pretty much back to business as usual. Some places still require a mask be worn when not at your table but even those are dwindling.
  4. My wife is also an author, it's tough right now. With so many authors trying to promote by making the first book in a series free or cutting the price of books to 99 cents people can read cheap or free books forever. Good luck!
  5. I know for sure the middle one is a stevens little scout because that was my very first gun. Still resides in the back of my gun safe.
  6. My wife is a writer and she won't use anything but a TUL pen.
  7. Pic 22 1886 winchester. Pic 23 Top to bottom, Stevens Favorite, Stevens Little scout, I think bottom is one of the quackenbush rifles. Edited to add the top one may be a stevens crackshot.
  8. It is all sold. I do have the die sets still available.
  9. I bought a set from Arizona custom grips on ebay for my 1st gen saa. The first ones they sent didn't fit right so I ended up sending them my back strap and trigger guard and they did a custom fit set. They are the magnatusk grips.
  10. Was just on there and the site locked up. I would guess they are having IT issues
  11. azcustomgrips@gmail.com is the email address they used to reply to me. I had them do a custom set of magnatusk fitted to my first gen colt SAA. I had to send them the back strap and trigger guard and they made a special set.
  12. If you find brass I have a box of 500 bullets I would sell.
  13. I have a complete 45 LC setup for a 550, dies, tool head and conversion kit I would sell all together for $150 shipped.
  14. If you get this going send me a PM, my 100 is cracked on both sides.
  15. I didn't know about quickLOAD, I will look it up. I really like the way the Ba9 flows through the powder measure. My store has quite a bit in stock but no Ba10 yet.
  16. I posted in the original post that I am using Ba9. Thanks for your input.
  17. With reloading supplies being kind of hard to come by my local shop has found a supplier that has Vectan powder. Have any of you ever used it? How do you like it? I looked up the load data for Ba9 and decided to try some in some 45 acp I was loading for wild bunch. Their starting load called for 5.1 grains with a 200 gr lead swc bullet and said it would shoot at 826 fps. I thought I would try some at 5.0 grains and see where they chronographed and go from there. The load data said they were shot from a standard 1911. Well I took my loads to the range yesterday and 5.0 grains wouldn't e
  18. I reached out to Johnny Rebel who has done some leather work for me previously and he is going to make some covers for me. Thank you for all the suggestions.
  19. Looking to support a small business. Anyone on here make leather butt covers? Need one for my skb and a butt cover and lever wrap for my 1873. Let's see what you make!
  20. I just aquired a Coyote Cap IAC 97 from a pard and ran it at a wild bunch match last week. I test fired it before I took it but not a lot, loaded 6 rounds and shot the gun empty cycling all 6. At the match it ran fine the first stage but the next 3 stages When I pumped it after the 4th shot it dropped shell 5 and 6 jamming up the gun. I was able to clear it on the line and continue but it cost me a lot of time. I was told the gun was set up to shoot wild bunch. What could cause this problem and how do I fix it?
  21. Case in point, the individual who snatches up all the deal in the classifieds struck again this afternoon and grabbed another pair of reasonably priced SASS vaqueros. They will soon be listed on gunbroker with a 40-50% mark up. I have three cowboys that I am trying to keep interested and we are shuffling guns and leather during the matches. They would all three like to find a reasonably priced set of guns but the mentioned individual buys every one that is listed. Go back through the listings and just look at how many he buys and this doesn't even take into account the ones bought in PM
  22. If you can't find the cowboy set, I have a regular set I would sell. $35 plus shipping.
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