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Apple I guess. No wait...peach. No French Silk or Pumpkin. 

To paraphrase John Denver:

I‘d no more eat just one kind of pie 

Than drink only one kind of wine

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i almost never get pie , unless you consider my wife's quiesce pie - i get that a couple times a year , i far prefer fruit pies if i can have it but i like french silk a lot - just cant eat much of it , 

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It just so happens that the desert topic triggered a conversation about desert with the misses last night.   My taste in pie is I haven't ever had a pie that I didn't like.  However, the taste that gives me the most pleasure is sweet & sour.  My mother loved to make deserts, pies, cakes, pastries & cookies.  My favorites were blackberry, rhubarb & lemon merange.  As an adult I have added a few pies to my favorites.  These are strawberry rhubarb & key lime.  It was on a trip to Jupiter FL to visit with friend that I 1st tasted key lime pie.  Later on a trip to New Orleans I ordered key lime pie & was served key lime cheese cake.  It was tasty; but heavy as all cheese cakes are. 

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When my daughter was in her mid-20s I took her out to dinner one night. This local steakhouse where I had eaten often and I knew the food was good.


After we were done the waiter came by and asked if we wanted dessert. I told him I was going to have some key lime pie, then looked at her and asked if she would like some. She said she had never tasted key lime pie. Well I sat there in shock for a moment - we live in Florida, how could she have never tasted key lime pie? - when the waiter suggest that he can bring two forks with my piece. I tell him that sounds like a plan.


He brings a hunk of pie and two clean forks. I cut off a nice mouthful, and she takes a smaller piece, and the waiter comes back with the check. I stand up so I can get my credit card out of my wallet, which is in my back pocket. When I sit back down, THE PLATE IS EMPTY!!


She looks over me and says, "That's good".


Damn young'un.

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Actually I should have known better. The same thing happened when I introduced her to tiramisu. I got about three bites and she inhaled the rest of it.

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