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Looking for Brass or Iron Frame Henry in 45 Colt

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If you think black powder might be in your future then 44-40 is the better way.  If you are shooting 45Colt in your pistols then 44-40 can be confusing for some during reloading.  I resolved the concern of mixing 45 and 44-40 brass by going to 45 Cowboy special in my pistols.  As to reloading, the biggest concern for me was the fact that the 44-40 brass tends to be a bit more fragile at the case mouth.

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Horace, I’ve got an iron frame in 45LC bought from another member here a few years back. Now that my son is old enough to shoot (and he loves the iron frame), I’d like to switch over to either a 66’ or 73’ in same caliber for ease of handling (a rifle having a hand guard is nice for that!) at the range and in the field. I’d prefer to trade if possible but would be open to sale so long as I can find a decent replacement range rifle for my son. 

Previous owner  stripped the shiny, red Uberti finish from the wood and refinished with a nice satin walnut. I think it looks much nicer but you may not. Action has been tuned and there is a

lighter hammer spring installed. I have an original spring that comes with. Shoots and handles great in current setup. 

I’m not a current member but I have history here on this forum as well as on eBay and elsewhere if you need references or whatever. I can send you more pics if you are interested. 


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Dawg, it sure is pretty. 

As an imput dash calibers, 38-40 and 44-40, are so much easier to shoot real black powder in. 

I have a 73 in 38-40 and put around 900 rounds of black through it last year and only had t clean the bore. 

Pulled the side plait at the end of the year and she was spotless 

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