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  1. My daughter had a date pick her up once. He was cocky and arrogant, showed up smoking a cigarette. She was having problems with shoes or something so she was still upstairs. First thing out of his mouth after sitting down was "is this where you start telling me about the guns you have and what you'll do to me if I touch your daughter?" No, this where I tell you about my shovel and 180 acre property. How my neighbors love me and could never see me harming a fly. They would never find you. 20 minutes later his mom called my wife horrified. No, he would never say that to Tim.... was all she said with a smile.
  2. My wife was great enough to drop the check in the mail while I was at work. Thanks alot
  3. I loaded for 20 years that way. Those -40 calibers take a learning curve and sometimes modification of your dies. On the other hand they are wonderful calibers. Might ask on the saloon about your problem, or PM me perhaps. That's how I cure my problems.
  4. I dont have a dog in this, I have a shiloh sharps He might want barrel length, twist rate, weight for starters
  5. If you dont sell it and think about shipping I'd like to be in line. Need a new to me one.
  6. I know when my wife had cody fo hers it was an option that really affected the price of the package. Not so much doing that but it was just part fo a more expensive package Thanks
  7. Did the cut the forcing cone or adjust windage if needed? These are 4 click colt style hammers, no safety block or anything? I dont see it but are they uberti or san marco?
  8. Glad your doing well, I'm about to that route but not yet. What is the expected back to full work time
  9. If you order it and list exactly what you want, give them a month or 2 and they usually have one. A buddy requested all period correct with lock bar sight. 11 weeks later it was on his door step.
  10. No offense intended, but I have purchased 2 in the last 2 years from the cmp in Alabama. Either at the facility itself or, forgive my memory one was from a sister store they have at a range close by. They are willing to work with you on what you want exactly when possible
  11. Any idea if it is 2 3/4 chamber? Is it off face or loose to the point that it is not a shooter anymore
  12. It must be expedited shipping through fed ex or ups Dealers may ship through post office though, and yes very few do They have to go to the post office to do it while fed ex or ups will come to there door. Most dealers are not paying for the shipping so they dont care
  13. If he backs out I'd gladly take
  14. Do the need arbor length correction or do you know? Print good for windage? Suck caps?
  15. My original thought was a mag light I think it might be that mortar now though
  16. That's what I get for taking the wife to brunch If anything happens with the sale I'll take
  17. You people need to eat more sandwiches and pizza. I need a bigger one. Btt for a great deal
  18. Does the hawken have the factory barrel mounted rear sight or is it missing
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