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  1. Starline has it as backborder available I just ordered some 10 days ago and it shipped today If they let you place a backorder it won't be long
  2. 3 click with a firing pin or thay funny stoeger firing pin on the frame set up?
  3. My daughter is looking for a 32-20, if it doesn't move I'd like some pics and details 3 click?
  4. I wonder if they are 2 3/4" chambers? Or been reamed out, I'm set with my rossi hammer gun and my 4 backup 16 gauges especially considering all that my back problems limit my shooting. but a buddy is tossing it around for a giggles gun just for classy points
  5. Got your pm Let me know when you're good to sell them and I want some
  6. Don't have any for sale, after owning several sets for 44-40 & 38-40 I have had best luck with RCBS cowboy dies. Every other brand I had to shave some off the bottom of the sizer to get adequate resizing. Just my experience
  7. Come across any more small pistol or even small rifle my 9 year old daughter could use them for her 32-20's She is down to 61 rounds
  8. As a diabetic that is a real fear anytime I am alone with my 9 year old daughter .never had it as serious as yours but 2 months ago I plummeted from 180 to 70 in an hour and a half She made me fruit plate with oj And monitored my numbers, she called her granny and went next door to let our neighbors, good friends, just in case she needed help So proud of your son
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