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  1. I deprime on a lyman brass smith victory Works great for a modern single stage
  2. I sure could use some, had about 200 I had to cull out this last clean and polish
  3. I had a 1993 made nickle in 45 and it did Admittedly there are always bad ones
  4. 12 round hi power? I thought mecgar made 10 13 or 15? Interested if you can confirm
  5. My mom and dad bought each other 1 for their 1st anniversary so they both had decent hunting guns- dad for pheasant and Quayle and mom for rabbits and squirrels. Both 12 gauge. Dad's had a gouge from hitting his pistol hammer when he walked. I ended up with both but unfortunately my ex sold my dad's along with 98% of all my guns. Still have mom's, it's ear marked for my youngest daughter, the one with the wife who really loves me.
  6. A sideways cartridge Ala lynn McAdams in winchester 73
  7. My dad wore that same buckle daily from the time he bought it new in the 70's(I believe) until the day he died in 01. My wife recently found where I kept it in my reloading room and made it into a center for a Christmas wreath and hung it on the wall. She must have been cutting onions the night I came home and saw it. Free bump from dad
  8. Ultramax used to as well. I have a uberti navy colt with a conversion cylinder rechambered to 41 colt
  9. Inside or outside lubed heel based?
  10. Around me shops are selling 20 a hundred. I'd pay that gladly if I was close
  11. The medallion on the side is what he is asking about The model name was a puma, up until the early 90's they had that medallion
  12. Everything was as described or better, one set of dies looked unused and all items were packed well Thank you
  13. They coverded mine when it was 3 months old no questions asked. 4 years later it went out and no dice. I think time and customer rep make a difference
  14. Anything happens to 1 or 3 and they change their mind I'd take
  15. I just placed some on backorder with starline 3 weeks ago. They arrived friday Just so you know
  16. Dang, I could use that holster for my rogers Spencer Dawg you change your mind and want to sell the Texas jack let me know
  17. I'll take Pm me how you want to be paid
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