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Vaquero lower hammers?

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I'd like to install some lower hammers on my Ruger Vaqueros, (O.M.), as I sometimes use them duelist.  I haven't really settled on a shooting style, sometimes I shoot with a two-hand grip, sometimes duelist, and maybe in the future, when I'm feeling brave, I might try gunfighter.

I heard about Super Blackhawk Hammers.  But a pard has a pair of Bisley Hammers and Triggers that he'd let me have.


Can Bisley Hammers and Triggers be put into a Vaquero without replacing the Grip Frame?

Is the Bisley Hammer Spur too low to be used on a plow handle Vaquero with a two-handed grip?

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The bisley hammers and triggers are not drop in replacements with the standard vaquero grip frame.  It can be done bit It requires either the grip frame or the hammers/ triggers to be modified.

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I have a pair of OM Blackhawks that I put Bisley hammers in with about 20-30 min work each, with a Dremel. I am only a little handy but was able to do the job.

PM me and I will send my phone number if you want to talk about it. Also I can text pictures if you want. The Bisley hammers enabled me to shoot Duelist with small, fat hands and a large frame pistol. I have had no problems shooting the guns two handed also.

Super Black Hawk hammers are frequently hard to find. The Bisley hammers can usually be gotten from Midway for $40-50.  $29.99 now at MidwayUSA and available


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I have a fairly large hand and a Vaquero with a lowered hammer was hard for me to shoot 2-handed, hammer would get into the web of my hand before being fully cocked.  Now I shoot short-stroked Bisleys and they work really well for old arthritic hands.



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I put the wide spur Super Blackhawk ss hammers [30.00] on my vaqueros [5] this year and like them. I have always shot duelist. It wasn’t hard to do with no mods to the gun, pick one up from midway and give it a try.  They are grippier than the standard narrow ones but you could knock down some of the spur’s checkering if needed. 

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