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SPF Lassiter 1887 12 ga

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Up for sale is my recently acquired  1887 lever gun, 20 inch BBL.

PW87-0023XX,  Made in China (what a shock).

Thought I'd like to try it.  Big mistake.

Used in 1  1/2 matches, maybe 18 rounds shot thru it.

Lots of fun but I just can't give up my SKB's and I don't wanna take the time to learn how to use it like Lassiter :-).

It's so new there's not even a gun cart nick in the wood (see pix).

Has Lassiter drop 2 installed.

$800.00 shipped to your FFL




No trades at this time unless you have a AR15 9mm pistol with brace.  Easier to find a Unicorn these days.












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BTT for a half decent pard!

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yes, work done by Lassiter rather than someone dressed in black using his name.

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