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Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

Dominator’s Holsters for Hollywood

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Dominator, SASS# 62912, aka Dominic Whitaker and former SASS Scholarship recipient is making a name for himself with the Hollywood movie crowd. He has now carved rigs for several movies, including cowboy movies, and is in the process of making more for coming attractions that he’s not at liberty to discuss just yet--even with his grandfather--me.


Dom is the premier leather carver for Sam Andrews Leather of St Augustine, FL.and has been since his graduation from Flagler College in 2016 where he majored in fine art and graphic design.


Sam Andrews, an extremely well known, respected and sought after master craftsman in the world of leather, has made rigs for the cinema, TV and personal rigs for well known film makers such as Quentin Tarantino. His rigs were the ones you see in the 2016 version of The Magnificent Seven as well as the 8th episode of the Fast and Furious series. You can see more of Andrews Leather masterpieces here: http://www.andrewsleather.com.  You can also telephone them at : 904 679 4997



Dom was always a very creative youngster and could make wonderful artistic creations out of anything. I remember once when he carved a full detailed church with steeple out of an apple!


Not only an artist, but a champion level cowboy action shooter having won his category at both state and regional levels--he takes after his champion dad in that regard—Santa Fe River Stan, SASS# 36999. In fact, the whole family are SASS Members: Southpaw Sibby SASS# 62914, Dom’s mother, sister, Lighting Livvy, SASS# 82544, and brother, Cracker Dan SASS# 90287.


Below is some of the work Dom did for McCarthy Studios who produced an art house remake of the 1953 movie Shane. Dom was asked to recreate the rigs from that movie...in exact detail.



Dom with two of the final products



Holsters under development




Two exact replicas of the rig Jack Palance wore in Shane


These are rigs he made for the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.





The two gun rig shown was made for and worn by Russell Crowe in the movie True History of the Kelly Gang



Dom is a born artistic craftsman that took up leather work as a hobby, learned from the master craftsman Wild Otter, SASS# 48346 of Asheville, North Carolina and blossomed into a very well known leather carver in his own right.


If you want to see Dom in action explaining his craft, you can find him on YouTube.


You can also visit him on Instagram: the_witmaker

Leather Carving Basics with Dominic Whitaker // Making Custom Holsters




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Very nice!  Congratulations on a talented grand-son.

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Those are really nice. Is he making stuff for the general public? 

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Great job Dom!  Finally I know someone famous.  Andrews does great work on his SASS rigs.  Dom is quite an asset for them.

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Sam Andrews leather does make rigs for the public.  It’s best to call and talk to them directly about what you want.

904 679 4997

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I've wondered what Dom was up to over the years that have passed. I always thought that Dom was articulate with his shooting and cowboy persona. The leather work shown in the pictures shows his acuteness for detail. I know you're proud Dan, just as Stan and Southpaw are. 


Tell him that I'm happy for him to achieve some of his dreams. Also tell him that he needs to come back out to the matches, whenever that might be, to show us his craftsmanship in person.


Congrats Dom.


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