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? for our California Pards

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From here on out I don't believe I will be participating in any thread about California or responding to posts about California.

I am havng a hard time maintaining "The Cowboy Way" so I will just leave it at that.

Pat, you are not the problem with the cowboy way.

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" Name calling?  Sounds like sour grapes since you haven't been able to sell high and buy low."

B.S. on your sour grapes baloney.

I could sell my San Diego property and pay a $100k realtor commission, but I choose not to do that.
We have traded homes 3x in the last 30 years, and made a good profit on each.

We could profit $200k selling our Sacramento home, but that would be gobbled up by somebody else's inflated price.
This will give me 2x higher property taxes than I pay today.

The Boise metro area is now overrun with liberals and their feral children.
The locals hated Californians when I was a kid in the 50s, and they hate 'em today.
I just saw a 1200 sq.ft 40s-era home in the North End offered for $575k. 

I'm picky because I don't want to live with lousy air quality, overcrowding, bums, drugs and crime.
Only a few of the 167 locations I have cataloged meet my environmental and location criteria.
Dayton NV does not.

I certainly don't want to live in some senior housing where the old folks are marking time and waiting to die.

Yes, the areas we are looking at are hot markets.
However, a house is only worth what it sells for... and most of these are not selling.
Overpriced in CA sells quickly... not so much in Prescott.

Starting out 10% above over-priced is still zero when it does not sell.
I sure do not want to buy an overpriced one, then have my widow stuck with it.

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They escaped from insane lib land but did not learn a thing. It happened to New Hampshire and Vermont. Luckily for me as a Grand Patron, there's little likelihood of  Kalifornication in Idaho during my lifetime. :wacko:


The trouble for Kalifornians is when they leave Kalifornia, they bring themselves with them!!!   :angry:

The problem with your statement is you are categorizing all Californians as liberals, fortunately they are not. My daughter moved to Idaho and unless you knew for a fact she is a Californian you would never know.

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I have nothing but respect for Californians that move to Idaho and RESPECT our traditions and laws. Unfortunately, the others have caused untold amounts of problems including two that tried to shut down my own gun range. The Idaho legislature has had to enact ELEVEN new gun protection laws to stave off the "other" Californians that are not in your daughter's camp.


The trouble in Boise is from former Californians.


We had a California lawyer that caused havoc with our superb black powder cartridge rifle range. He's gone but his BS has hurt us a great deal operationally and financially.


I had a lot of respect for your former governor who became a great president. What in Heaven's name happened after him?



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That is why I left California, but then I also know how to assimilate to anywhere I go

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....And as I've said before CA gun laws are still 'cream 'n honey' when compared to Australia...& we suffer badly with the taxes & over governing..not to mention the $ 7.00 AU price for a gallon of  petrol [ Gas ]..our wages are way higher than USA but we need it !!!

Must admit we have a good social security system & free medical is a big plus..just sayin

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