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Stanford deFlagg

Dodge A. Bullet

Carter Ridge

Dan deLyon

Watson Yorplate

Dewey Lykit

Lewis Cannon

Chuck Roast

Colin Names


(Couldn't get to sleep last night and my mind just ran off on its own.  This is what it came up with.)


Hey, how about Waddy U. Comeupwith

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I've heard of Norma Lee Hitum... how 'bout Miss Norma Lee?


Barry M. Deep

Phil DeGraves
Phillip DeGraves
Rob N. DeBanks
Rob N. DeStage
Rob N. Euneks
Rob N. Yooteau
Rob Steele Cheetum
Rob Cheetiman Steele (I almost went with this one myself)
Amos Tewmuch

Dustin Brigands
Dustin DeBrigands
Morgun Tequila


Count variations are endless - 
Count DeBodies
Count D. Bodies

Count N. Bodies

Count DeBodies

Count N. DeBodies

Count DeGraves

Count D. Graves

Count N. Bullets

Count N. DeBullets

Count N. Time

Count Dedmen

Count N. DeDedmen

Count D. Hangman

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Witt Stone 


Half Witt. 


Many years ago a gaggle of kids came to the door on Halloween.   We knew them as kids in the neighborhood  - parents and car in the driveway and all.  But we played along and asked, "Who are you?".  One kid pipped up,  "We's half Twitchels and half Witts.".  

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On 7/25/2019 at 2:44 PM, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

for someone who needs one "Upton O'Goode.


You're welcome.

How much you gonna have to pay em to take it?

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