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    Whatever appeals to me. Been Sailing last 6+ years in the Gulf of Mexico. 37 ft. Beneteau "Sail'n Somewhere"

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  1. Glad you're doing well with the VA. I'm going to be seeing the VA cardiologist shortly. Had a triple bypass 12 years ago. Things going down hill again. Heart is at about 40-45%. Keep up the good fight. Always look to tomorrow. Semper Fi.
  2. You're fortunate you didn't go to a VA hospital. Oh I forgot they're better now. LMFBO
  3. Nothin like a good old Bitch Slap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7J6dRkJjOI
  4. How about a new in the box stainless Taurus Thunderbolt (lightning) in 45LC never been fired. Or nickel. I got to take it out and look at it again.
  5. Too old to fight anymore but still young enough to kill. Semper Fi Pic from back in my younger days.
  6. How about this: The Knickerboxers {LIES} 1966
  7. Just blowin smoke at this end. Too old to do much else. LOL
  8. The one I was born with. Or do you mean firearm.
  9. Place of origin United States Production history Designer William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards Designed 1871 Manufacturer Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company Produced 1871–1877 No. built 114,200 Specifications Barrel length 2-3/8″ and 2-7/8″ Cartridge .22 Short, .22 Long Action Single-action revolver Feed system 7-shot Cylinder
  10. How about "Rocket Man" For you uniformed.
  11. Man has not left low earth orbit. Don't ya'll know the Biblical earth cosmology?
  12. Chato


    Big time cigar and pipe man. The Marsh Wheeling cigars I saw on one of the links are machine made. No way Jose would I smoke one. I also don't think the machine made ones go back to the 1800s but I could be wrong. Not smoking for now. Just taking a break. for awhile. Belay that. Just had a pipe full. AHHHHH the Pleasure of it.
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