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Update On Zoe

Calamity Kris

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I've been asked by a couple of pards how Zoe was adjusting to being a cat.  She's coming along fine.  Slowly but fine.  We've both been learning things.


Zoe has learned:

1) Most people won't hurt you, they only want to pet you.

2) Rubbing on people's legs will get you petted.

3) The dog is OK too.

4) Purring gets you kitty treats, which are the best things in the world.  (Freeze dried chicken breast.  She went nose to nose with the dog over them.)

5) Mommy gives the best scratchies.

6) The kitchen counter is not for walking on or sleeping.

One she is just starting to learn, people in bed make nice pillows.


She has the most vocalizations of any cat I've ever heard.  Everything from a chilling scream to cooing.  She doesn't run from us or the dog any more.  In fact, she tried to stalk the dog the other evening but the dog didn't notice her so she moved on.


Here are some current pictures.






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