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need a Marlin forearm checkered

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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I think I asked this about a year ago and I've slept since then so apologies if this is old news


I am in need of a source to checker my Marlin .45 Colt, 20 in barrel forearm. It came plain and I'm finding my left hand slowly moves back towards the receiver as I shoot. The stock is fine as I put my thumb on the right side of it as I lever and stays there without help,


Not looking for something with roses and fluers-de-lis and angels in the skies above, just a nice checkering job that will allow me to grip the forearm manly-like.


I can get a new forearm from Brownells for about $50 but not sure how well it would match--hey, I've got a little pride in how my guns looks.


ideas and suggestions are welcome






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Same discussion (just about) from a week ago: http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=258793&hl=laser



Have Drifter (Old West Laser Graphics) or some other laser expert cut you some standard checkering on the forearm with their laser setup. Much faster and almost always quite a bit cheaper than true cut checkering. But just as effective at keeping your hand from slipping. If his prices are about the same as last work I got done, expect about $75.









Taz - http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/. He'll be at Winter Range!


Good luck, GJ

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If you head over to gunbroker and take a look at the annie Oakley 22 you will see

a very nice checker pattern.

If you are spending money why not get a decent pattern?

Unless it makes the project WAY too expensive of course.

I might get that put on one of my plain janes.....hmmmmm.



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Take a look at: http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/


I know they are traveling and are heading to Winter Range in February. I think they were stopping in Texas for a major shoot before then.


If you PM me I'll give you their phone numbers.


Hope that helps.

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