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  1. Would love if Cimarron or Taylor’s would get Uberti to produce and add to their lineup an 1873 musket in 44-40 and 45lc. Would buy one in an instant. What say you? Crossfire Trail nice but in a very expensive caliber. MJJ
  2. Will a pistol grip tactical home defense shotgun do? 20” 12ga? MJJ
  3. Midway USA just got Magtec 12 ga brass shotgun hulls in. MJJ
  4. Look no further than Dave Carrico, Carrico Leather. MJJ
  5. I have heard of this company. Might help. http://www.ahlmans.com/checkering.html MJJ
  6. Wondering about the status of our deal for the black vest?

    Hope you had a great Turkey Day.


  7. Sarge:

    John Picariello

    13416 Fox Chase Lane

    Spotsylvania, VA 22553


    Marshall John Joseph

    Man Waiting for Black Vest

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