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Misty Moonshine?

Jim No Horse

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Abilene, thanks for the info. For the first time in many years I am not going to make it to the show. You guys have fun and tell Joe hi.


He's right here and I just did. See you at WR.

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Dang it Possum...look what I started....and now you...you better be careful or I will come over there and shoot with ya'll...lol...Jim



We'd absolutely love to have you! If you don't enjoy our match, I will personally give you your money back.

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Really, he can't ask a simple question?

You musta slipped through the back door when I weren't lookin'. Thought you wuz dead...


Ooops another rumor started....


My bad....



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I am on here pretty often but did I miss something with Misty? Is she still around? Jim


Hi Jim No Horse!


Thanks for thinking of me, and for wondering about me. I'm around- and I'm not going anywhere! ;)


Super busy with a million things, just back from SHOT show, and gearing up for the Great American Outdoor Show in PA. Lots of planning and coordination coming along for END of TRAIL, and a good long list of other things- always working to improve SASS, its events, programs, and member services! I haven't had much time to peruse the Wire Forum. I'm always "reachable" via my direct email: misty@sassnet.com.


Again- thanks for checking on me!



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Gee, you are the victim of false news even more than Trump!!! :-)

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Gee willikers Mr Cleaver I think some of my pals got cabin fever....got my answer and so did you Misty...2,300 views and 40 replies...you are much loved and respected....I will call the ranch if I ever get to wondering again (not likely) ..got 8 or 9 from our club coming this year to EOT...gonna need a really big golf cart...lol...see you there...Jim

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