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Anybody watchin this Tenn-Neb game?

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Vols were on fire.

I will now watch the Seminoles get whupped unfortunately. At least I have plenty of liquor. And Christmas candy.

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I could be wrong about FSU.

They seem fired up.

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I think FSU will prevail.


Michigan will fall, just like Nebraska.


OH YEA.......... GO VOLS !


p.s. - as I just finished typing this, FSU scored on a 92 yard pass. So Noles.



..........Widder (Walkin in a WidderWonderLand)

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do tha math!!!!!!!



2 + 2 = Tennessee?


Hey... sweet woman... I ain't a Tennessee fan... go back and look at my useless-a$$... posts.


Just saw the TN in the OP....


Please forgive me... I'll make it up to ya... promise.



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The Fla State/Michigan game was out of this world.


Great game and both team played some GOOD football. TOUGH football.




A very entertaining game. And surprising. 'Noles were fired up.
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Not wimmen, sweetie... yore the only one on my mind.


Have a great New Year's....




awwwww...yu say tha sweetest thangs!!!! Happy New Year ta yu as well....take care of yerself this weekend!!!! :wub::wub: :wub:

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