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1873 Short Stroke

Col Del Rio

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I need some advice. I have an Uberti 1873 in 45 Colt. I' am thinking of a short stroke kit for it. Who would you recommend? I am not much of a gunsmith and there is a dearth of qualified people where I live so doing it myself or having it installed locally is not a good option.


Col Del Rio
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Pretty easy to install, if you get stuck call them. Go ahead and get some lever and lifter arm springs while your at it; probably want to get

some Arkansas stones and polish up the internals a bit while you have it apart.

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If you are not real fast and fairly strong on the lever work, I'd go with a Cowboys and Indian 3rd generation kit, as it has a little more leverage than the shortest 5th gen kit,a little smoother and a little easier to fit. .45 Colt can use the slightly easier levering unless you are real fast. Your first time at putting a short stroke kit in yourself will be pretty challenging, but if you are mechanically inclined and have a few standard gun smith tools, should not be too hard to do.


Lifter and lever springs, a lever safety spring (torsion type mousetrap spring), probably a new extractor and firing pin with FP spring would be worth sticking in, too. Stainless magazine spring and follower. (Or at very least, clean mag tube well and check for rust). And think about a lighter carrier block - aluminum replacement or have your brass block milled out. Without lightening the carrier, you don't get but about half the speed improvement that a short stoke can give you.


I like 3rd gen kits in 45s, and 5th gen kits in 38s.


Now, all this will be $350+ just for parts. And will take about 15 hours to do,if all works well the first time. (that's why so many folks let a good smith do the work.... they can put in the same parts in about 3 hours)


Now, if I understand your post, you want a reference to a gunsmith to send it to to have this done. Either Jim Bowie at Cowboys and Indian store (So Cal), or Jared at LongHunter Supply (Amarillo Tx) would do a fine job dropping in the parts. Ken Griner (Farmington NM, who does work on Evil Roy's line of competition rifles) would also be on my list. Or Goatneck Clem out of central Texas, or Joe Brisco of Cowboy's Shooter Supply (Fort Towson OK)


Good luck, GJ

Edited by Garrison Joe, SASS #60708
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I add the rifle gunsmith of my choice - Lefty Wheeler of Wheeler Gunworks - Simply the smoothest and best gunsmith for my rifle's. Between my wife and me - 7 or 8 Uberti 1873's done so far.

Located in Willow Park, Texas.




Oklahoma Dee

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