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ok, what about AR pistols in pistol caliber?

Trigger Mike

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I am building an AR in a pistol caliber but not a pistol. It will be a 16" carbine in 50 GI. I am using a Quarter Circle 10 lower that takes Glock Large Frame magazines.

There are several companies now building AR receivers dedicated to pistol calibers. Usually, they use Glock magazines or Colt 9mm submachine gun mags.

Olympic Arms is also a good source.

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I have a rifle that is built on a DDLES (now Quarter Circle) dedicated lower. I love this rifle and it is fun to shoot, ammo is cheap. Dedicate pistol caliber lowers ar kind of expensive compared to standard lowers and that with a few other dedicated parts make a pistol caliber AR about 30% more expensive than a standard AR.


One of the best pistol caliber AR builders is located in Macon, he built mine. He has a poor website, but he is a good builder:



His specialty is .45acp built as DI or blowback operated. Mine is a .40s&w blowback operated and uses Glock mags. Another cowboy than I shoot with has a DI 10mm built by the same guy.

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You mean like a Tec 9?

One of my nephews had one of those once. Biggest piece of junk you ever saw. The "sights" were worthless and had about a 25 lb. trigger pull. If I'm ever in a gunfight I hope the other guy is shooting one of those. You would literally be doing good to hit a refrigerator at 10 yards!


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