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  1. There are some scary videos coming out China. The last scene looks straight out of the Walking Dead.
  2. It was a Hawes. It was mostly buffed out and reblued later on.
  3. Sorry if Mauvice is watching, but this was pretty bad, they scribbled their name in 4 or 5 locations on this gun:
  4. Night shoots and black powder go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  5. 1877, I would have missed most of the real old west. I would want to see if Henry Ford would hire me in the engineering department.
  6. There is a 3rd and unique manufacturer of conversion cylinders: https://www.facebook.com/cartridgeconversion/ He has worked on several of my conversion revolvers although I do not know much about his Thuer cylinders.
  7. No, Uberti's cartridge guns and percussion guns will not interchange parts. All of their "open top" cartridge revolvers use the a slightly larger frame than the smaller percussion frames.
  8. I shoot about 2/3 of the time at CAS and 1/3 of the time at IDPA style matches. I want to try some 2-gun style matches next.
  9. I took my 1878 Cimarron/Colt shotgun on a quail hunt. I actually took it as my backup. Well the primary autoloader decided it wanted to be a single shot, so I broke out the old hammered double. Some of my friends laughed and asked if that was a muzzle loader, but I shot it better than the other gun. I even tried a few blackpowder shells near the end of the day, I don't think I hit any birds with them, couldn't see anything after the first shot!
  10. I was watching InrangeTV discussing a new type of polymer/copper bullet and half way through the video they mention using these in CAS matches. start at about 4:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yELW25D8zdE
  11. The Franklin Arms Binary trigger and the Fostech Echo triggers for AR15's, work by firing on the pull and then firing on the release. They are legal non ATF products. Some over and under shotguns use this tech also. This thing appears to fire two on the pull. I don't know how this thing is legal.
  12. No, it was chambered in 44 Henry. Unlike today's replicas, the old '66 had a shorter action than the '73 and could not handle the longer 44-40.
  13. Just a suggestion, if you make these can you offer a gray color so they look a little more historically correct? I use red for my 40S&w and black for my 9mm, but colorful old west ammo is odd looking .
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