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Second chance please...

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I'd like to thank the Chronicle Editor for selecting the Cover Feature of June 2016 Cowboy Chronicle, the Range War 2015 and also acknowledge The Wolverine Rangers for their SASS Michigan State Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting theme.


Their them was "The Women of the West" and they made the match a tribute not only to the women of the West but also to their women. They honored the wives, daughters, granddaughters, girlfriends, etc., who are able to shoot with them.


I'd also like to congratulate the Range War 2015 Michigan State Champions, husband and wife Deuce Stevens and K.J. Stevens. This was their sixth time as Michigan State Champions together.


It's a delight to see so many women not only shooting at a state match but also to see so many women being honored by their gents! They posted a picture within the article, of all the "Wonderful Ladies Who Participated" ... be they shooters, helpers, or spectators. They honored them all for the success of their state match.


Kudos to the Wolverine Rangers and congratulations to one of their newest female shooters, Ginger Vitis Katti, for making the front cover!




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It delights me to see so many female shooters today. When I started years ago with the Escondido Bandidos, there were only four of us and the other three slowly left the group leaving me pretty much alone with all these guys. Today, I have 11 women out of the 40 shooters pre registered for our monthly match this coming Saturday....and I can almost assure you that the winner might just be a woman. ^_^ Bonnie Macfarlane and Whirlwind Wendy keep the guys on their toes with their fast shooting!

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Say Allie....where are all the women on the Wire? It's been ages sice I've been here and it looks like few women are here any more.

Hi Lil,


You are right, there aren't many ladies here. A few post on the TG forum. Other than that, I see posts by Calico Mary, Calamity Kris, and Singing Sue.


A few others drop by now and then. Maybe they will see this and comment.


A while back, I tried to get a costuming discussion going. It turned out to be mostly men posting photos of corseted women. :rolleyes: Now, I just stick with the FB sewing and costuming groups.


I agree it is great to see more women shooting than when I started too.


Take care,




PS I hope to see you at the Regional.

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You will see my daughter Kaya here every so often. My bride just lurks to see what I said stupid today.......

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