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The Revenant Movie

Johnny Loco

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The flintlock pistol kinda ruined it for me. By my count he fired it four times in a row with no powder or ball to be seen. Takes you out of the movie when stuff like that happens. Several of the rifles used the same way. Never saw anyone pull a ramrod or prime a pan the whole movie.


I long ago learned to ignore stuff like that in movies.


Btw, I hear they filmed most of the movie in the Viking's stadium. :D

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Seen it yesterday.


Thought it was good. Acting was good.

If I remember right. Some of those pistol shots was from different pistols.

As pretty sure in at least one part he had two pistols on him. So he shoots one.

Then gets the other one and shoots. But could be wrong.


The H Glass story is a interesting one to say the least. Could have done without the

dream scenes.


And some of the actors could not ride a horse at all. That bugged me more that the

pistol shots.

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