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  1. How side matchs are run is also determined by how many willing workers the MD has. With more workers you can have more spotters than one. With more workers it is easier to separate 87 shooters from 97 shooters and SxS shooters. With more workers it is easier to allow more tries for a final time. Go help work your clubs side matches.
  2. I like Tiki torches two or three feet in front of the targets. One torch for each set of targets (Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun). if the target stands are short, shorten the Tiki torch poles. I all so like Red lights for loading and unloading tables. I feel the best target color is white with a black border and black X. The white is a good for low light and the black border and X gives good contrast in smoke.
  3. I think I will add a handle to my Lee funnel. Should get the best of both.
  4. A lot of the times if the gun opens slightly after the first shot the second shell will show an off center light strike.
  5. I have had a few 20ga AAs that were dished making the primer sit deeper causing no fires.
  6. Having HOW and Shootout at Pawnee Station on successive weekends worked well for my schedule. Enjoyed both shoots.
  7. J-Bar thanks for keeping an eye on NOZ and keeping us updated. Noz, Kitty and I continue to keep you in our prayers.
  8. This was our second HOW. The stages and stage instructions were simple to understand and fun shoot. Posse 8 was a great posse. We plan to be back. Thanks to all the Border Vigilantes for all the hard work. Buff Bill and His Kitty
  9. What is the schedule of events for the state shoot?


    1. Calamity DiBar

      Calamity DiBar

      Friday & Saturday will be the Main Match.  Thursday will be Side Matches & Cowboy Garage Sale.

      Wednesday is still tentative but we are planning to have clinics and Warm-up Matches.

    2. Buffalo Bill Mathewson, 37826

      Buffalo Bill Mathewson, 37826

      Thanks, This gives me an idea as to planning my travel. I will be watching for more Wednesday and Thursday details. I mailed off our entries yesterday. 

      Buff Bill and his Kitty

  10. I see you found the land run app. See you there

  11. Categories are insignificant if you can't shoot them gunfighter.
  12. The Arkansas Lead Slingers have a nice private range that is tucked away in a valley in Northwest Arkansas. Not too far from the Rogers / Bentonville area. It is a SASS club that works at following SASS rules without forgetting the cowboy way (friendly) in doing so. Blackwater Bruce is the clubs TG, and does a fine job with that duty. I have sent you a PM with his e-mail address. PM me with questions and I will try to help. Buff Bill
  13. That's a good Christmas gift you will enjoy it.
  14. Anytime two carriers interline it is a disaster. The UPS / USPS shipping that Midway uses is the worst. I think both UPS and the USPS try to make each other look bad when they interline. Either one on their own does much better. Our local FEDEX delivery drivers can't find an address two days in a row. If they don't have to have a signature they just throw the package at the door from the street. My last Dillon shipment was almost on the porch.
  15. This Cap & ball Senior Gunfighter just put this on my calendar. Kitty and I had a great time this year.
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