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  1. I’m not knocking your son but generally when it comes to explosives, firefighters are only familiar with DOT fire symbols as to how it applies to fire fighting, evacuation distance, or hauling butt in the case of mass detonation or detonation with fragmentation. I support firefighters ! Joe Blow the reloader doesn’t hang fire symbols though their quantities often exceed the criteria for such.
  2. I’m not gonna turn this into a an instruction guide for powders, but certain common powders have dual capabilities. They can burn, or they can detonate. Y’all need to realize sometimes stuff happens. I’ve been involved in so many test projects over the years to include leaving barrels of nitrocellulose in the hot Florida sun just to see if it will blow up. The explosion at the house is entirely within the realm of even a low order explosion or benign powders much less the ones that can detonate. We don’t know what powders or initiating components such as the crud from a leaked battery was around. I’m always willing to be schooled on the subject but not likely to happen here.
  3. Y’all know bout splosives do ya? Splosions -vs- detonation? High order/low order ? Deflagration rates? What is “unique” about “redot” pardon the pun ? I have a degree in explosives and was demolition my whole military career. What if I told you that explosion is entirely possible with reloading components? What if I told you I could cause that damage with firework stand sparklers, bic lighter, and duct tape? Sparklers are the most dangerous item at the fireworks stand. I say this to say this, if you didn’t know this, just think what you don’t know ! Some of Nostum’s info is correct but the conclusions dead wrong. I still consult in the field right here in Central Texas with the military. Do me a favor, only use what you need for the task folks and FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE OF EXPLOSIVES: “Expose the minimum amount of people, to the minimum amount of explosives, for the minimum amount of time.”
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